Horizon | How to Mod State of Decay

How to Mod State of Decay with Horizon

State of Decay’ is a diamond tool within Horizon, you must have Diamond Membership to use it

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1. Move your Save that you are wanting to modify State of Decay for, from your Xbox 360 HDD to your USB.

Open Me


2. Open Horizon with your USB inserted into your Computer. If your USB doesn’t recognize, run Horizon as Administrator! (Download Horizon Here.)
Please only download Horizon from XboxMB’s Horizon page

3. Located to the right of Horizon, the Device Explorer should show…

Simply click the ‘Games Folder’ and scroll down till you see ‘State of Decay’

4. Once you highlight the save you are wanting to modify, click the ‘Mod’ button located at the top of the Device Manager

The Editor will then show in the center of Horizon

Within the editor you have three tabs… ‘Main’, ‘Inventory’ & ‘Supply Locker’, below you can have a peek of what they look like and what you can do within them.


This tab contains your main stats, such as Bonuses, Usage, Factors, Ration, Stockpiles, Materials (etc)

To the right side of the ‘Main’ tab, you can edit your Influence Points & Fame. Please do note Fame counts to the leaderboards

On top of that, you can also edit your Timestamp which allows you to fast forward or rewind the game, in other words, you can save your resources.


The Inventory tab allows you to edit your Players Inventory, but also contains a lot of other features, such as Skills and Traits.




Supply Locker

The Supply Locker plays a big part in State of Decay, and now is your times to make the most of it. Within the editor you can edit the contents of your Supply Locker, which allows you to add and change items to it.

Make sure to move the timestamp ahead of your current date to make sure the inventory and supplies you modify are not affected by the game’s use of resources while you are away.

For example : if the current date is 6/29/2013, you should move it to 6/30/2013.

[size=9]If you have any issues with this editor post in the section below, if you have any suggestions please also say.

Horizon Support
This is the forum to post in if you have any issues.

Horizon Suggestions
This is the forum to post in if you have any suggestions for this editor or other editors you would like to see within Horizon.

Notice: Diamond tool modifying for non-diamond members is strictly not allowed, and doing so can involve losing your Diamond membership permanently or temporary & may also result in a machine ban from Horizon.
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Sweet tutorial man, I gotta get this game!

Can this tutorial be a bit more in-depth? (I’m not critizing the work or effort that has been involved in creating this thread)

I’m asking for things such as “What to edit to achieve God Mode and Unlimited Stamina and how much to increase/decrease”.

Now I’ve been doing this and all the modding I’ve done doesn’t stick to the save. It all resets when i load it. Do i need to be offline? Is anyone else having this problem?

Sweet TuT Nath!

What about the durability of the weapons? The moment I just swing the weapons, it broke. ?.?

Increase the damage values when you add a weapon/gun, as that determines how many hits/shots you can use before the weapon is damaged or breaks.

sweet. now its time to buy diamond again

So to save whatever you edit so that as time passes you don’t lose things, you have to move the time stamp forward on things you edit? Was a little unclear to me. Probably will get diamond again soon to try this out, or hopefully win a giveaway.

There’s only one timestamp in the main tab, it’s not for each individual item, edited to make it clearer.

*Edit: Forgot to quote unknown. Please delete this post if possible. My original reply to unknown is at page 2.

Thanks unknown for the reply. There’s a few problems I’ve experienced with the editor. After an hour of editing my supply locker putting all kind of pills, pistols, SMG, I went to edit my Marcus’ inventory and I can’t seem to edit the weapons’ durability which is in his inventory and saved, rehash what I did. I decide to go to my supply locker again and suddenly, the supply locker inventory box is outlined with red with a big cross over it and Horizon just “not responding” and closed on it’s own. I reloaded the save again and all of my editing were gone. I suspect I overloaded too much stuffs into my supply locker and therefore it crashed. Can you please give us a more in-depth tutorial on how to use the save? Thanks for the work and effort you put in, peace out. :thumbsup:

*Edit: Apparently, there’s a limited number of things you can put into supply locker. Many things can’t be found after editing. Not only just the weapons, amount of ammo is limited. Tried to put 255, but it got reverted back to originally 28. is there a cap on how much ammo we can put?

Great tutorial Nath thank you for this but i agree with Tr0y is it posible to make one for more advance modders with in depth tutorials? I know this is great for newbies to modding but by the time you made this I have most of this figured out you know what im saying?

So lets name some stuff we want to figure out! I think between the 5 or so of us on here that are trying to help each other in other threads we should conglomerate here. Im sure as we figure stuff out, they can update the tut as we do! We were working on figuring out how to properly get another character to follow you permanatly, but apparently the next TU3 update you will be able to select anyone to follow you and help you. So… we could continue, or wait a week. One of my main goals is creating a save with no missions or story line, just your starting characters and your will to survive. But I want all the radio funtions and ability to move bases, which I havent figure out. Im not even sure if its possible without completeing the story lines. Anyone have any luck adding any radio options that you should not be able to have yet?

Iv also put this request on another thread but think it might be more likely to get a response here…

made this profile just to ask if someone could make me a save that has about 10-15 male survivors and have their models set to merc_sharpshooter or as other people call him “ninja” https://www.wemod.com/forum/19-horizon-modding/150028-[state-decay]-character-model-images.html this is a quality picture of him supplied by MEATNBEANS

Forgot to say you’ll have to go on male characters and find merc_sharpshooter
thanks a bunch in advance if someone can make this for me, oh btw all i want is the models changing i dont want any super characters or anything, having god mode etc takes the fun out of the game in my opinion thanks again

So has anybody here figured out to add multiple 'special skills" (Marathon, Combat endurance, Ninja, etc.) to one character using Horizon. I’ve managed to add both powerhouse and reflexes, but can’t figure out what “trait” unlocks the special skills. Anyone else looking into this?

I have yet to find a way. unknown didnt put that in the editor, the only time ive ever seen it is after you pick it in game, and its just a 1 or 0 choice in the editor after that. It may be possible if he were to add that in, but as of right now there is no way to add multiple special skills.

I’ve read else where (can’t think of the site now) that you can’t have both reflex and Power house but I found that is incorrect. What I have found is that “Trait.Progression.Strong” and “Trait.Progression.Agile” will both stick and when leveled up will offer all four as a choice so you could combine say spin kick, and pro-wrestling (my favorites) But that the Character Bio, will only accept one, either “Trait.Talent.Strong” or “Trait.Talent.Agile” Playing around with this, I have found its possible to have a Powerhouse character that can NOT carry the extra weight, so I’m currently testing this out on the Reflex side to see if you actually get the Staminia Regen Bonus or Not. Also, I’ve not been able to combine “Trait.Talent.Tough” (Max Vitality Bonus) with either Reflex or PowerHouse it always seems cancel them out.

If you have trouble getting Reflex and Powerhouse “progression” to stick, change one of them to Level 2 (I usually do Reflex but I don’t think it would matter).

I feel like it should be something like, “Trait.Special._" or "Trait.Utility.” or something like that but I havn’t found the key word the program takes and I don’t know if there is any key word like that. You can drag the skills around as well placing them in other spots or other characters but that doesn’t seem to stick either, it always just reverts.

I understand why we can’t have a character with multiple utility skills, conflicting button combo’s but the special, (marathon, combat end/, ninja, rage, & shooter) should all work together, we just have to figure out the coding, now imagine all that plus power house and reflex on your shark hoodie guy. OHHH YA


Fpr Speical Gun Skills, incase he wants to add them in. Ive been digging around the game files alot, foud those.

I have a big problem… Horizon, when I try to edit the supply locker or the inventory of my characters, it give me an “Unhandled Exeption Error.” Please help!!! It won’t load the inventory things or supply locker tabs. Its just an empty tab. HELP!