Horizon | How to Mod Unicorn Cars in Forza Motorsport 4 using the Garage Editor

How to Mod Unicorn Cars in Forza Motorsport 4 using the Garage Editor

Notice: This tool is diamond only!


1.Move your Forza 4 savegame from your HDD to a USB on your Xbox 360. (or use a transfer cable depending on your prefences)

2.Plug in your USB to a Computer, and run Horizon. (Download Horizon here: xboxmb.com/horizon)

3.The device explorer should pop up, and look like this:

4.Open up the Games folder, then “Forza Motorsport 4”, then click the “Mod” button, it will open up the editor for you with your save loaded and ready to mod!

5.The editor will open up and look like this:

6.Click on the “Garage” tab

7.Then click “Add All”. (Wait at least one minute for all cars to show)

8.Once the cars have loaded simply click “Save”, it will save your file and put it back to your USB!

9.Start up your Xbox, load Forza 4 and check out your cars!

If you have any problems at all with this tool or need help be sure to post on the thread and I will help you or a fellow helping Horizon user will! :smile:

Good work as always :wink:

works fine after the new update … thanks guys

Account just got flagged and i cant use auction house or turn ten servers

Did you also mod your money? Or rank?

Mine isn’t working at all I don’t know why

Add all isn’t highlighted

First of all make sure your file is opened, a easy way to do this would by clicking the “Save” button after you open your file, if it saves… it is, and still if the button is enabled, can you upload your save for me so I can have a look?

But try it this way… (I’m guessing your loading it from your USB using Horizon)

Drag your file from your USB / HDD from Horizon onto your desktop, then open the file from there.

So do you get banned for adding unicorn cars to your garage?

I’v done it on two Xbox LIVE accounts since the update came out for Horizon to test.

As of yet, I haven’t been banned, although if I do, I will warn people in the post, although, most people should know modding comes with a risk, getting banned.

Video is now up for people who don’t understand the word by word tutorial. :smile:

Hopefully you understand this one. :smile:

Also, if anyone needs help, post on here, even if it is a stupid question, still ask! (obviously horizon-wise! :stuck_out_tongue: )

can you give me ur loggin and password so i can mod my forza 4 garage or can you mod my forza 4 save for me if you can mod it for me here is my GT grim777reaperxx here is my email kmanglin12@gmail.com

Can I add more than one set of unicorn cars with this tool?

Yeah, I would like to know how to add more than one set or at least more than one of the same car. I’m a huge Supra fan and I want more than one Top Secret Supra but even if i click add all then change cars i don’t want into something I do want it wont change in the game.


The cars should show up in the garage if you add a new Row at the bottom of the Garage GridView, even if you have multiple. Before it wasn’t supported, but there was an update for that. If you are having problems with this, please send me your ForzaProfile and I will look at it.

Good work as always

Okay, my horizon just didn’t update but it did now. Thank you Unknown.

everytime i got to mod forza 4 its keeps saying go v.i.p

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Hopefully you can buy it!