Horizon | How to mod your Fifa 12 Virtual Pro stats

How to Mod Your Fifa 12 Virtual Pro Stats
with Horizon

Notice: This tool is diamond only!

1.Move your Fifa 12 savegame from your HDD to a USB on your Xbox 360.

2.Plug in your USB to a Computer, and run Horizon. (Download Horizon here: xboxmb.com/horizon)

3.The device explorer should pop up, and look like this:

4.Open up the Games folder, then Fifa 12, the click on your save that you moved in Step 1 and click the ‘mod’ button.

5.The editor will open up and look like this:

6.Change the values to whatever you wish.

7.Click Save and then close.

8.Remove your USB from your computer, and plug it back into your Xbox 360.

9.Start Fifa 12, and check out your virtual pro stats!

If you have any problems at all with this tool or need help be sure to post on the thread and I will help you!

Got some Errors with the Tool? - Look here!
(These are error’s I have caused myself to find out what can fix them)

[details=The index is outside the bounds of the array]Getting a error where it tell you the index is outside the bounds of the array?
(Currently working on a fix)

This can be caused very easily.
This will happen if the players height is above 6.7".
A fix to this can be done by going onto FIFA 12 and editing your virtual pro players height under 6.7".

After done, you file is easily moddable again!


Found a Error yourself and don’t know how to fix it?
Contact me on AIM and also upload your save for me.
AIM: itzelevatiionz2

Goof stuff Influence, I mean it’s simple but many people definitely need this. :smile:


Nice thread, as always, Influence.

< 3

Thanks Influence

Hello influence I have a problem with the mod fifa 12 I have an error message that tells me the index is outside the bounds of the array could you help me sil please you? thank you to you

I was looking at this earlier, by any chance has you messed with your players height then modded it again?

I can’t quite figure out what it is yet myself, your best bet is to make a new save and re-mod it.

Have you modified the file more than once by any chance?

It’s an awesome thread don’t get me wrong :thumbsup: but it is too specific for a sticky. If he made a compiled list of tutorials then yes.

EDIT: I guess it is different here, congrats man < 3

Bro, my virtual pro already appears modded, with 127 in all stats but, it doesnt play like a 99 lvl :S… not run fast etc etc… and if i move his position in the field appears like a noob again

I Agree. :thumbsup:

Horizon doesn’t allow you to mod your XP as of yet.
It will only let you edit the speed, kick, power ETC.

For the other part,
Are you sure your not playing a normal match without your virtual pro?

To me it sounds like you are, be sure you are playing a match with your virtual pro or you won’t get the abilities.

oui j’ai essayer plusieur fois j’ai meme refait un pro virtuel a 0 pour cent d’exploit mai toujour pareil l’index est en dehors des limites du tableau

i was playing an online virtual pro match with mi player and it still moving like a turtle :S i modify to the max values and when i tried to do some driblings my player dont do it :anguished: it moves like a 60 lvl player

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Have you changed the height of your virtual pro?
I was testing this out for myself and found this.

Did you also modify your gamesave more than once?

Your best bet to make a new savegame until the developers find out what it is, unfortunately.

Edit: Read the new error section part! :smile:

Try modding your file again, the stats might not of saved correctly.
This happened to me once whist I was looking for bugs.

Mmm, if i give you my save file, can you mod it for me please?

Yes finally it’s here :smiley:

You absolute beauty, no more looking like a mug Infront of **** defaults :smiley:

Thought this was Zrueda.

To be honest, me too haha the title seems exactly like how Zrueda does them. Again, good thread influence :smile:

Thank You very much, finally was waiting for this. Smashing clubs one by one atm B)

i dont have a card to get diamond is there no way i can get this mod then?