Horizon | How to Mod Your Forza Motorsport 4 Level and Credits

How to Mod Your Forza Motorsport 4 Level and Credits
with Horizon

1.Move your ForzaProfile from your HDD to a USB on your Xbox 360.

2.Plug in your USB to a Computer, and run Horizon. (Download Horizon here: xboxmb.com/horizon)

3.The device explorer should pop up, and look like this:

4.Open up the Games folder, then Forza Motorsport 4, the click on your save that you moved in Step 1 and finally click the Mod button.

5.The editor will open up and look like this:

6.Change the values to whatever you wish.

7.Click Save and then close.

8.Remove your USB from your computer, and plug it back into your Xbox 360.

9.Start Forza 4, and check out your stats! Enjoy!

(video coming soon.)

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YAY Thanks i think i speak for everyone when i say THIS IS AWESOME!!!

Thanks for this zrueda.

Wish i could use it o_O.

Very nice tutorial zrueda,
Hope this helps a lot of people!

Is that the magical USB used to mod every game in the Horizon tool?

Cool now I just need to get Forza 4 XD

lol… maybe =P

The game aint even out yet -_-'
Lol. Oh well, I’ll be using this probably if I’m not greeted by a ban.

Edit: what’s max levelin the game? 150? O_o
Is there a “Max stats” button, and is there a leaderboard to show your money, level, xp? Aslong as no one else can see it, including Turn 10, there’s no risk of being banned… but still - what’s max level/xp O_o

no wonder how you get all your picture tutorials lol…

Now that’s awesome! Great work!

It would be awesome if someone answered your leaderboard question.

Hope it’s easy to follow. :smile:

Can someone explain the risc involved when using this mod ?

You can get banned from Forza 4’s auction house.

That’s a problem. Is there a way of modding the game safe ? Maybe only changing the money value ?

I was suggest playing and doing it in small doses as you play

Do we need a diamond account on horizon? cuz I dont have one, and Im probably gonna get forza 4 in like 3 hours so Im gonna want to mod it as soon as possible.

Yes you do need diamond :stuck_out_tongue:

Diamond Benifits: https://www.wemod.com/diamond/

Ok does anyone have a diamond account that I can borrow for like 5 sec? That would be a great help.