Horizon l How to Mod Your Xbox 360 Achievements, Avatar Color and More!

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1. Move your Profile to a USB from your HDD from your Xbox.

2. Open up your USB in the Device Explorer ([size=14]Download Horizon Here)[/size]

3. Open up the “Gamer Profile” folder and choose your profile. Select the mod tab, now lets begin :smile:!

Horizon Gamer Picture Manager

From here you can search for a gamer picture starting with the “Title” or the Title ID
Very simple, you search for the game, click the game, choose your gamer picture, and hit the save tab. And your done, Enjoy that new Gamer Picture :smile:

Account Editor

This is a tool which shouldn’t be messed with, unless you know what your doing!

Achievement Unlocker

You can choose from the games on the left, you can unlock everything on the purple tab, or unlock all displayed.

You can select each on individually and either choose to unlock it offline or online, just he the set tab to unlock :smile:!

Avatar Award Unlocker

From here you can unlock awards from games that you have, simply select the game, choose what award you want unlocked, either set it to online or offline. Hit the unlock award tab, and your done!

Avatar Color Editor

From here you can edit the color of your Avatar Skin color, eye color, hair color etc!

Game Adder

On the top userbar there is 4 tabs - open, save, game list and queue.

When you click game list it shows you a list of all the games available in alphabetical order. It also shows you the title I.D of each game as well as the gamerscore available with that game and how much achievements the game has that are unlockable.

There’s also a search function in the bottom left hand side to make easier to fins a specific game.

To select a game to add to your library click on the game you want to add and select add to queue, it will add it to your queue along with any other game you have added.

Once satisfied with the games you want to add, click on the queue tab and you should see all the games you have added. You can remove any you don’t want and when your satisfied you can click add queue to profile and the games should be added to your profile.
Remember to save before you exit or you’ll lose all of your work -Ellie

Profile Data Editor

From here you can basically edit your Xbox Live profile Motto, Name, Locaion, Bio etc!

When done hit the Save tab, and your done. Enjoy Horizon!

Horizon Support
This is the forum to post in if you have any issues.

Horizon Suggestions
This is the forum to post in if you have any suggestions for this editor or other editors you would like to see within Horizon.

Only use a Avatar Editor offline, or else it’s almost always a quick perm-ban.

It’s good and all, but if you’re just going for stickies that’s not a good thing dude.
Just make one thread with all these tutorials in one.

Plus this is already in Ellie’s sticky.

Good job nonetheless.

You can use it online, just don’t update your avatar… Meaning, once you’ve edited it, don’t edit it on your console, unless you’re changing your skin colour to a normal colour.

Everyone I know who has ever changed their skin to a different color like red,blue, ect, or even clothes/hair to colors that aren’t normal got permanently banned. I’m quite sure I wouldn’t risk it just to have blue or red skin color for a day or two.

Good Post Hero! Hopefully this will cut down on the posts of people asking how to do this stuff. Nice Job Hero!

My avatar is red, but I’ve not changed it since I edited it, so only I can see it…

Doesn’t it auto-update? Atleast it use to. I never had to go into my avatar thing to save, I merely edited it via Horizon or another program back in the day, and everyone saw me as black and red eyes. Oh well.

I don’t know, know one has ever said it me your avatar is red… Also my avatar has a space suit on, or some kind of suit, so you cannot see the colour of it :stuck_out_tongue:

Trying to unlock the achievements for Fable 3 but they will not unlock, they say unlocked when I am done saving, but when I put the USB back in the xbox it does nothing. I put it back on horizon and they are re locked.

BooM,Thatz whAT i CaLl a TUTORIAL;)

I would like something that has a blue background and make the center image one of those ponies. I don’t know where there from but they look cute. If you can make it a blue pony. If you have the time if not then don’t worry about it.

Could we touch our gamertag settings?

i have avatar achievemnt unlocker several times but when i transfer the profile to my xbox360 hdd it doesnt show anyhing
plz help

Is there anyway to modify millisecond data?

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