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Thanks for answering.

I tried this and its the exact same message, i talked to other people using Horizon to mod Forza and i was told its something after the latest patch that made this happend, a bug somewhere in the program… Can this be correct? because i think i’ve tried just about anything.

I can unlock the liveries, but its the saving of the file that doesnt work.

So let me explain incase in a bit more details:

I extract LivGroups or LivCatalog (paint file and vinyl file)
Put it back into Horizon, successfully unlocking everything.
Now, when im pressing save this one pops up:


I got it working, its the shortcut “save” button at the bottom that seems bugged, if you press save next to the “open” tab it acutally saves… :stuck_out_tongue:


i keep getting an object already exists error


hey i am having a problem, when i drag my forza 4 profile to horizon, it brings up the statistics, but when i click on the mod package it says there was an unhandled exception that has occurred, any idea on what could be wrong?


Me too i keep getting that and it corrupts my files :interrobang:


Restart Horizon and “Run as Administrator,” if that doesn’t work and you are loading your Save or Profile directly from the Device, extract it to your Desktop and mod it. Once you’re done, save it and transfer it back to your Device, but make sure you overwrite, or it won’t mod be modded.


edit, nevermind


Type of Problem: cannot install
OS: (Windows XP,
Antivirus/Firewall installed:none/none
Errors: (cannot contact server)


Try downloading and installing from this link: Horizon


So I downloaded 7 zip so I could open the GPD editor for gow3 and Everytime I click File>>Open I get this error message


I have messaged you with details with Teamviewer, sorry for the late reply.


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Problem: windows firewall is off but horizon is still in offline mode. it also keeps asking for an update when I just uninstalled and re-installed…
OS: windows 8
antivirus/firewall: Norton
errors: none
extra info: when I do use the horizon offline mode to manipulate my gears player data… instead of the player data editor pop up I get campaign and co-op save editor??? I didn’t get this before with horizon a couple of months ago.


Try this download:


Someone please help! Whenever I install Horizon and try to open it, it always says “Horizon has stopped working” and I have .NET Framework 4.0 and I tried running as Administrator and it still wont work… ;(


Horizon requires .Net Framework 3.5, 4.0 should allow you to use Horizon, but just for precaution download 3.5 from the link below.


Try installing .Net Framework 3.5 and .Net Framework 4.5.1


I have downloaded Horizon about 5 times (on a Russian proxy, because of my sprint services preferences) but I can’t install it, it says that it can’t connect to the server. Please help me. Contact me at I also use windows 7 (not ready to move on)


and now it says that there was a problem processing the product information.


Try downloading from here: Horizon