Horizon won't recognize my USB or my Xbox contents in it but Modio will

I have a Xbox Microsoft USB flash drive so it’s already formatted to work with my Xbox 360. However, when I plug it into my computer and run Horizon it either says 0 devices loaded or 1 device loaded but doesn’t have any of my Xbox stuff. Modio can read my profile just fine from my USB so I know the USB is not the issue and it’s an issue with Horizon. I’ve tried running Horizon as an administrator and that doesn’t help. Why won’t Horizon pick up my USB stuff but Modio will?

Try restarting Horizon

Have tried that. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling it too. No luck.

were you running both at the same time?

I’m Also Having This Issue! I Have Only Had This Issue Since I Became A Diamond Member And Now I Cant Even Use My Membership Because Horizon Wont Detect My USB Flash Drive Anymore? I Feel I’ve Been Scammed Out Of My Money Cause I Am Not Able To Use Horizon Now.

I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues. Try reinstalling Horizon from the link below after uninstalling it. You also might want to try reconfiguring your flash drive again after formatting it on you PC.

Download Horizon: https://www.horizonmb.com/client/v2/latest.php

Ok thanks I will try this and let you know.

Still No Luck It Just Does Not Reconize My USB Flash Drive Anymore I’ve Uninstalled It Reformatted My Drive And Still Nothing I’ve Also Ran Horizon As Administrator But Still Nothing. Any Other Ideas Why It’s Not Working?

Try powering off your PC and then turning it back on. You should also try another flash drive and other ports if you haven’t already.

After the new Dashboard for anyone who is BETA Xbox Live, the Horizon no longer recognizes the pen drive and the PC does not think the content folder. Now, we expect an update of the Horizon, because MS is smart.

Follow the 4 steps below, and see if it works.

1 - It could be your kind of pen drive.
2 - Reeinstale the Horizon
3 - Download the latest version.
4 - Run as administrator

I Happen To Be One Of Those People Who Are Beta Testing The Xbox 360 Dashboard Updates And They Changed A Lot Of The Storage Formats To Be Used With Any External Storage So This Must Be Why I Can’t Use Horizon Anymore Until An Update For Horizon Fixes It. And Thanks For Everyone Who Has Tried To Help Appreciate It. Guess I’m Just Gonna Have To Wait For The Update.

We should be able to fix the storage problem once we get access to the dashboard update. We will keep you guys updated on this issue once we do.

I had the same issue and its not just Horizon its usbxtafgui,ect… glad to know my pc doesn’t hate me.

So we just have to wait in Horizon now? I’m having the same issue, Running as asmin, usb is formatted, and my Windows 8 laptop sees the usb but Horizon does not recognise it. Ive tried multiple ports and ive even deleted and reinstalled Horizon. So I just have to wait? - Thanks in advance

Yes you will have to wait until horizon is updated to match the new xbox dashboard.

The new dashboard has changed the format of the USB drives. Now, the USB drives are just regular drives and their store the “Content” folder directly on the USB. If you can’t use Horizon, try opening the drive in Windows Explorer and you should be able to browse to your save data if you know the profile ID just like you would on something like usbxtafgui.

Do you guys know how long that might be? And will it just say i need to update horizon or how will i know they fixed the issue.

Update is out, open horizon and update :smile:

but the prblem is not in horizon the problem is in xbox because when i format usb then plug it in xbox it automaticaly configure the usb and its space still like it is ,there is no customize so help me plz if you can

i tryed to use modio and usbxtafgui but there is the same problem