How do i download skyden on to my xbox 360?

ive searched all over the internet and can find nothing that actually works
please help me!

Are you talking about a Minecraft map?

it is apperiantelly some sort of map that was origianally for pc but can now be played on the xbox

You can download it here:

You will need to rehash & resign to your profile ID after dragging it into Horizon, then save to your device. It can now be moved back to your 360’s hard drive or loaded directly from your USB drive.

EDIT. I just downloaded it and resigned it to my son’s profile and it loads and plays fine on our 360.

how do i do that??

Do what?

If your asking about rehashing and resigning, you can either put your profile onto your flash drive and try injecting the map to it. Or you can put one of your own saves onto it and simply copy and paste the profile ID from your save over to the downloaded sky den map, then use the red “Save, Rehash & Resign” button, and the click on “Save to Device” in the upper right hand corner of the save and select your device.

all of what you just told me to do rehashing stuff
i click on the game after i copied my profile id and then paste it in the profile id slot when i click on the game and nothing happens

either that or it dissapers

I edited my post above with some info. Or go to the link below and check out some instructions I gave to another member recently.

Link: Can't inject maps to my profile - HELP! Doing this for my son!

i kept doing it over and over and over again and kept failing and then i plugged the flash drive into my flash drive to transfer my profile over to another flashdrive and start over and happened to notice that the save had worked and then tried to play it and played and saved sucessfully!!!
thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

Hi i dont know ether i just downloaded horizon and that link does not work any more i need HELP

It probably dont work cuz its like 3 years old !

I’ve checked around for you and all links so far are dead. I should still have the save on one of our old 360’s hard drives. I’ll try to get a working download link up for you soon.

@JessieWessie I found Sky Den on our hard drive and Sky Block and Sky Blid. I put them all in a zip folder for you. Simply drag each one into Horizon and change the Profile ID to the same as one of your brothers saves or profile, save the changes, then save them to your device and move them to his 360 and they’ll be playable. Enjoy!

My Mega Link:!KYFwRCSR!CZXthtoCASBm7CT7-MLzTpkqxjsNxKTvW4uWsifSp5A

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