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How do i hack my achievements without a xbox 360?

Is there a way to hack my gamerscore without a xbox 360? cause my xbox360 is old and ya.

Hi @cool200140 and welcome to the community!

Technically, yes, you can ‘hack’ your gamerscore without an Xbox 360, but there’s a hitch. You need to have your profile on a USB flash drive formatted in FAT32.

Once you do that, you can use the profile modding tools available in Horizon. For reference, here’s a thread that describes all Horizon features in detail: Horizon | The Basics.

The only thing about not using a 360 is that you can’t see if what you’ve done actually worked, but you can always borrow a friend’s 360 or grab one cheap online.

I hope this answers your question and/or helps you out :smiley:

thanks man i will just use the old one in the basement i have to do it

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Basically when using the profile mods with Horizon, the changes you make aren’t seen by Xbox Live servers until you put your profile back onto your 360 and get online.