How does microsoft detect if you have a JTag

I was wondering how and where microsoft reads if you have a jtag, when you go online?

correct me if im wrong, but i think it can just detect if your nand is modified

They have checks in certain parts of the dashboard files.

If they can tell that the checks have been broken they you are immediately banned.

can you get banned if you mod your dvd drive?

You can but it isn’t as easy. They modify the firmware and attempt to make it 100% undetectable but with new dash updates they can detect it. That is why you go back to stock FW before updating then reflash to the newest LT+. So if you stay up to dame more then likely you will be ok.

Yes you can it’s called flashing your xbox 360 it takes a while if you know what your doing but if you do it wrong and dont make it undetectable you will be immiedietly banned unless you make it undetectable so yea and if you wish to know how to flash it there are MANY tuts on youtube but make sure you type in how to flash xbox 360 (AFTER Patch) and LT+ 1.9 cause thats the latest patch

Your welcome

So if you keep you dvd drive firmware up to date, more then likely you will be ok?

Yes. :smile:

Is it true if you do this like flash your xbox you lose warranty???

And is it possible to flash SLIM?

Yes, just stealth patch your burned games.

Yes you do unless you keep your sticker and yes you can flash certain slims right now.

it can, what you can do though is when you go to take apart your xbox heat up the sticker with a hair dryer then peal it off and when you put it back together put it back on.

But if your xbox breaks your gonna wanna restore your drive to stock firmware before sending it in for repair.

So it i make modded copies of games like black ops, I will be able to play online.

Yes, but black ops does not have iso mods.

There is no iso mods for black ops. I’m going to say this “We here at XMB do not condone piracy”. This should be used to back up your games and only used if your copy quits working.

But yes you can iso mod zombies on WaW

can you take the data from black ops and mods from a jtag mod and put them on a dvd?

With a jtag use can use xexmenu and rip the data from the black ops disk.

I guess you could but you need the ability run the unsigned code which can only be done by dev kits or jtags

So the files from an iso mod and a jtag mod have data.


The files are changed to do different things.

I’m Lost. I thought this was about whether or not M$ could detect your Jtag online, Which yes they can,By checks in the dash, that the XBL server ask’s for before you are “Granted access to Wonder land”.