How to demote someone in call of duty black ops

1:they have to be 50 in combat training about to prestige
2:you invit them to combat training
3:tell them to press Y then to go to xbox live party
4:tell them hit the prestige button and to hover over the enter prestige button
5:you switch it to player match then tell them to prestige
6:now there deprestiged to to level one whatever prestige they were at

not mines but i didnt copy and paist.

Belongs in Black Ops section.

haha that is pretty epic dude. to bad im banned ):




yea it works i accidently demoted my firend by accident he was so mad legit 6th lmao

need to try this, but dont want friends mad at me

Then do it to a random! lol

yea just go into a game of search and tell some one u will boost them up 2 prestiges but they have to be level 50 in combat training im 15ht prestige so im pritty convincing lol

lol it works XD

I am going to look for some like 3 year old and derank him, Watch him cry lol

XD i did this to my self last night thinking i would go up a prestige

This isn’t anything special… This is how they patched the combat training prestige glitch.

i wish i could do this but i can’t

This is funny

haha i did this to a randy once:)

I love your sig <3

I love your avatar <3

i got reset for doing nothing im mad >_>