How to fix my game crashing (assassin's creed odyssey)

does anybody know how to fix it crashing?

You have not provided anywhere near enough information for anybody to be able to help you.

For example where you got the game from. What trainer you’re using. What error message you get. What your system specs are. What you do before it crashes.

Bear in mind, the main case of crashes is hardware issues on the user’s PC. The secondary cause is corrupted game files.

i got the game from ubisoft, i am using the trainer by sunbeam my specs are
CPU: Intel 17-6700k CPU (4.00GHz)
GPU: GTX 760
Memory: 16gb
also, the error i get is just: The game has crashed and it says send a report and what i do before it crashes is, quests but now i can’t do quests cause my game is crashing before i can compelete it.

And i already reinstalled it but it still crashes


Go ahead and verify the game files via the Uplay launcher. This fixes anything that is missing or corrupted.
Here are the steps: Verifying Game Files in Ubisoft Connect for PC - Ubisoft Support.

And make sure you are using the correct trainer for the version of the game you have.

Okay thank you