How to get UNLIMITED Golden Keys in Borderlands 2 (Xbox 360) (VIDEO TUTORIAL)

Account: E00015C4AE75A1AF
Save: Save0001.sav

This save is level 50, if you are not level 50 then do not use this save. If you do then you’ll get guns that are level 50 rendering it useless. YOU MIGHT WANT TO USE A DIFFERENT SAVE. Just remember to change the ID’s to match the above account’s so that you have the keys.


  • Firstly, move the account and save to your Xbox 360 via HDD or Flashdrive.
  • Then sign into the offline account on one controller and then your main account on another.
  • Press start at the screen with the controller that is signed in with the offline account.
  • Start the game and then let your main account join.
  • You SHOULD have around 230 something keys and a lot of guns on the floor around you. (Did not feel like cleaning up the mess after I tested that it worked. :stuck_out_tongue: )
  • Lastly, use the key on the chest until you have the guns you like.

Video Tutorial

255 Golden Keys .gpd: 5454087C.gpd

For the individual .gpd to work you must use an account that has not played Borderlands 2. Simply create an account and start up Borderlands and hit start, DO NOT play the game itself. After that Dashboard, move the profile to a flashdrive, and then replace the 5454087C.gpd with the modded one above.

This Its an amazing idea! I just test it and it works PERFECTLY!
Thanks for the offline account with 255 golden keys!

No problem. I’m happy to see that it actually worked for someone other than me! :smiley:

i dont have borderlands 2 yet what are Golden Keys?

Actually they are infinite…As soon I use all the golden keys…all I need to do is just delete the profile and savegame and put it back again. That simple…
Great find you did there.!

After some missions you arrive in the main town called Sanctuary. In middle of the town near the fast travel station there is a chest and in order to unlock it you must have a golden key. Inside is either shields, guns, grenade mods, or artifacts.

Everything in the chest is level 50 only and I’m 20, How do I trade the keys?
edit, Just read the full post, Bummer

sweat bro nice post and thanks

How did you get so many keys in the first place?

nvm i don’t think what i was going to say would work, someone delete my post please

But now I will never sleep again,lol

Thanks for the offline account with 255 golden keys!

If your an online player be careful…

y? if u play in ur own game on ur own to get the guns…no one can report u so how would anyone know?

simple, by scanning your save data.

If your online they have ways of checking. Seems harsh if you ask me as its not affecting no one but i thought i would share though just in case someone losses their whole gear. Seems nothing is confirmed yet though.

would it be better to do it offline get the weapons u wanted, then trade with ur proper character?

Yeah that sounds like a good route to take. As its not confirmed if i was doing this i would do the glitch and just make sure to spend all the keys before they decided to do anything and that’s if they do. I can’t see them taking action to be honest but its best to be safe.

If you laundered the weapons I don’t see how they can catch up.

How do you suppose you do that ?