How to hotswap (Without opening up your console)

Step 1: Get on your Xbox 360 Dashboard
Step 2: Go To Your System Settings
Step 3: Go To Console Settings
Step 4: Go To Auto Play
Step 5: Disable Auto Play

Insert your original disk
Wait until (Press Y For Game Details) Appears
Stand Beside Your Console With Controller In Hand
Press the Eject and Y Button At The Same Time
The disk tray should come out (Obviously)
Insert the modded version of the disk
The Hotswap is Now Finished and you can install the game to your HDD off the modded disk

Thanks for reading

I added a video to explain further

Simple tutorial.

Any chance of including a tutorial video as well?

Heres a video to add

Not embedded: YouTube - First Tutorial on How to Hotswap without opening your xbox 360


doesnt work on my slim…

its been theoryed only to work with benq drives

what can you do with this?

well me and my brother have one xbox each and just one Mw2 so …

whats hotswap? lol sorry im a noob

oh and btw i really want to flash my xbox. any good turtorials out there? can it be done with a usb? thanks.

hmmm im not sure if this works on slim but it defnitley works with BENQ and LiteOn drives

watch the video :laughing:

hmmm okay if your asking if it can be done with a USB i would not recomonned not even trying :laughing:

I would leave it to the experts these guys done my freinds :
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lol k

Might wanna mention it’s for BenQ :wink:

Good tut.

I probably didn’t read it well enough, but what does it do :blush:

EDIT: I googled it, something to do with flashing? does it mod it?

Where could I get a Modded Disk from?

****ing awesome anyone got waw iso cd ? :thumbsup: you are a legend btw

Yes you can do waw lobbys

Well iv seen multiple tutorials about this, and none of them worked for Halo Reach :anguished:

Cool. This doesn’t work anymore, and it never worked for modded content.