How to install We mod on steam deck?

Hi everyone, tried installing wemod on steam deck after watching different tutorials but still fail. Anyone can suggest me how to install it? Want to use it for granblue fantasy relink. Thanks

Hey there! Welcome to the community forums! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, WeMod doesn’t officially support the Steam Deck. We have a guide created by a fellow community member, but we cannot assist further than this - My perfected and streamlined WeMod tutorial for Steam Deck

Hopefully this helps further!

Steam Deck uses Linux as the OS. WeMod is Windows. The two are not compatible. There are some workarounds, but Valve has their version of Linux pretty well locked down for their own reasons. You might be able to install WeMod on one of the Windows based handhelds.

Join our discord we have a guide to run it on linux.

As we were shuffling around the discord, I lost this channel, so I couldn’t mention it.

But yes, please do join the discord. We have a guide for Linux there too

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