How To: Manually Add Games To Your Profile

This is a Tutorial by me on how to add games to your profile that are not in Horizon, or if you’re not VIP.

Things You Need:

  • Hex Editor (I would Prefer HxD) [Download]
  • Game ID of Game You Want To Add
  • Any Game
  • Horizon [Download Coming Soon]
  1. Now turn on your Xbox 360 and play a game (Remember what game you played). Just let the game boot up then go back to the Dashboard (I will be using Saints Row 2 as an example).

  2. Turn off your Xbox and pull out the HDD (Hard drive).

  3. Open a HDD Explorer and extract your profile.

  4. Open your profile in a Hex Editor (I am using HxD you may use any other if you like).

  5. Now open Horizon and go to the “Tools” tab. Then click on the “Game Finder” button. Open the Game Finder window and search for the game that you played for Step One.

  6. Now that you have your game listed on Horizon, look at the Game ID and write it down anywhere, or use notepad on your PC.

  7. Go back to your opened profile in your Hex Editor and search for that game ID you just wrote down and search it under “Hex-Values”.

  8. Did you find it? You should have. If you didn’t restart from Step 1 and play the game for a minute. Now that you have found it, find another Game ID and write it down somewhere. (I will be using Halo Reach’s Game ID as an example.)

  9. Now copy the Game ID that you just got from Step 8 and paste it where the other Game ID was. (Like my old Game ID in my profile was 545107FC, that is Saints Row 2) Now take the new Game ID you wanted to put in and replace the older one. (Since Saints Row 2 is 545107FC then I replace it with Halo Reach’s Game ID which is 4D53085B)

  10. Now that you have replaced it Rehash and Resign with HORIZON (best program out there) and reinsert your profile back into Xplorer or Xport360.

  11. You are finished and good job following a 6/10 difficulty Mod.

Please Note That You can do this over and over again, But only use the Resent played Game. Do not use a game you played a month ago or it will not work. It must be the most recent game you played

I will not be adding pictures because this TuT is to easy!

VIDEO TuT, Not Mine but its Skatertg’s

Black ops ID: 41560855

Halo:Reach ID: 4D53085B

Fable 3 ID: 4d5308d6

hey thanks man, ill add those to the topic right now. could someone stickey it as it was stickied on horizon360?


I made a tut like this on TTG with videos etc if you wanna include that stuff. I’ll post tha link later cos some bk randys are ddosing >.>

yea, i saw all the posts gone on TTG and was like WTF

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This is the tutorial section, if we were to sticky every tutorial their would be no point to the section =P But nice tutorial!

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I just cleaned up the post and added that download link that was missing. Still need to add the Horizon link when it’s up.

Nice tutorial though. I remember when this was the only way to add games to your profile. Haha Thanks for sharing. :smile:

Theres my tut on TTG, you can take stuff from it if you want idm - i didn’t do it the way for horizon though… i did the tut using le fluffie etc :wink:

.ok i added your video, could a MOD make it so people can view it on here and not go to youtube? thanks

Or instead of this you could just idk get horizon VIP and use there profile editor and game adder.

well some people do not have paypal or do not have the $ to buy it. This is just another way to add games if they want to take the time.

Anyone know how to add the game where you delete it and all your GS goes away, but when you earn an achievement, it re-appears???

You cannot delete a game from your profile, when you do this all you have to do is replay the game that you last played an it should reapear.

I used to do this, but then Horizon saved me!

good tut, well written, but people who had the reach gpd before it came out got banned. so be careful…

Nice Tutorial But, If A Moderator Were To See The GPD’s On You’re Games List Would He Ban You?

I know that, but someone made a tut (lupo or MT) about this, and you add xbox 360 dashboard to your list of games, the go to games played, and hit X on the dashboard game, and all ur gamerscore gets reset to 0, so that you are undetected by MS on ban waves

Yeah, Except for the fact I Wasnt VIP On the old one So I Didnt get the full features! At least I Got the chance to mod my GS :smiley: