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How To Mod Your Dead Island Riptide Game Save

How To Mod Your Dead Island Riptide Game Save

Video Tutorial

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1 You will halft to have both Horizon and Ellipse and USB/Stick Drive w/Gamesave you want to mod.
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Virus Scan

2 Open Horizon and find your Dead Island save game and extract to your desktop.

3 Now open Ellipse and find Dead Island Riptide it should be under Game Tools.

4 Now open your Saved Game and mod whatever you like.

5 When done modifying save it to your desktop.

6 Now drag and drop into Horizon and click top right save to and then Flash Drive/USB Stick.

7 If this helped you be sure to click that button.ENJOY:D

Helped alot:)

I wish someone would create a beginning of the game God save. (Example: Unlimited Health, Unlimited Sprint, All Skills, One Hit Kill Firearm/One Hit Kill Melee Weapon)

Although I am toying around on what items to add without freezing my game via trial and error. Bleh! :confused:

Thank you for posting this. <3 :smiley:

Thanks for sharing :smile:

Can you mod the ammo and inventory. Im so my phone so I cant look

So no modded guns yet

Yes you can.

Just updated w/Video Tutorial hope it helps:thumbsup:

Can you mod a save for me?

Yes I can just PM me the save.

How do I do that?

the link to Eclipse is for a old version give us a link to the one that u have

Link updated.

(Private MSG)

Thanks Man!!!

No problem.

Nice helped me get threw my first modification!But can you special wepons?

Not with this game editor you cant sry:(

Nice tutorial, man!

I’m glad you liked the program. I told you it was nice!

Awww that stinks they should add that.