How to put Games on Demand and DLC onto Hard Drive using Horizon

This is for people always asking how to put GoD games on their Hard Drive so i thought I’d make a tutorial

First you’ll need the latest version of Horizon with the device explorer. Then connect your HDD using a Transfer Cable or a USB big enough for the game you want.

Then go to the where ever you extracted the game. In this case I am using Prince of Persia TFS.

After that open the game’s id # folder (5553083E for this game) and you should see the folder 00007000. That is where your Game on Demand is located. Open that up.

If you are trying to transfer DLC into your HDD it is located in the folder 00000002.

Now to transfer the Game on Demand into your Hard Drive you have to select the file that is 44kb.

Next, drag that 44kb file into your Game Library of your Hard Drive into Horizon. If you are transferring DLC over then you can select the DLC file inside the 00000002 folder and drag that into the same place.

After you drag and drop the file, Horizon will do the rest in putting it on your Hard Drive so just wait for it to be finished.

And wallah, you have succesfully put your Game on Demand onto your Hard Drive in record time :thumbsup: You can now go play the game you just injected into your Hard Drive.

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this may be a stupid question, but do you need a jtag for this?

No. Games on Demand are shared for non jtag users

lol no this is for Games on Demand games you can get for free at xbox360iso (not advertising) by using the modded profile and signing into the account to play it

aww, so you cant play on your normal xbl acc?
EDIT: is that iso site down? cuz i can’t get on.

I Would recommend not using Xbox360iso it is completely useless they locked all the threads. If anyone wants a link to the brand new non jtag site PM me.

Super late edit: I wrote this when the non jtag section was closed. It’s back up. Im not sure if the other sites are active, but you can still PM me if you still want it. DO NOT ASK FOR MU LINKS. If you want MU links flash your xbox.

no you can. once the game starts sign out of the account you started the game with then when you go to sign back in create a new profile (press Y when switching accounts) and then press the guide button when either choosing a storage device or naming the profile, then sign into your account.

and no you don’t but in order to see any of the topics you have to sign up (once again not advertising)

It only took 10 minutes to put a GoD on, but now I’m testing!

Nice tutorial, I was going to do one when I had the time.

Horizon has amazingly fast transfer speeds.

Indeed, but this GoD was 3 Gigs and took around 10 minutes.

Horizon is the only device explorer i use now since its the fastest one, wont corrupt files, and lets you know if any of the files are corrupted before it starts injecting it

Grr. I’m still lost. Where do I put the RAR files?

you dont put rar files anywhere. you download the rar files and put them where ever you want (i choose folder named as that game) and extract the rar parts in the folder and youll get the actualy folder with the game id as shown in the second picture and you continue from there. after you fully extract the game you can delete the rar files

idk but this corrupts the profile for me no matter what i do

Nice tut trying now

The tutorial is extremely helpful.

Thanks a lot dude thats awesome :smile:

Can you please just do a video because i am trying to put transformers WFC into my Hdd but i extract all 8 parts into my folder and no game data folder comes up thanx :thumbsup:

open up the folder with the letters in it. should be like 4384672 or whatever it is (the first folder) then open up the next folder called 00007000 and inside that folder should be another folder and a 44kb sized file. drag that file into your HDD and youre done

its all explained in the pictures of what they look like