[How To] Repair Any Scratched Xbox Game w/ Household Items

How to Fix a Scratched Xbox Disk With Household Items

Items Needed

Xbox 360
Scratched Disk
Toothpaste (WITHOUT FLAVOR CRYSTALS or whatever)
Running Water
100% Cotton Cloth (optional)

How to Repair

  1. Get The items above. TOOTHPASTE WITH LITTLE ITEMS/CRYSTALS IN IT WILL NOT WORK! IT WILL SCRATCH YOUR DISK FURTHER! Just use plan white/blue Colgate toothpaste
  2. Take your scratched disk and put Some toothpaste on it
  3. Generously Spread it around the shiney side of the disk so it covers it
  4. Let the disk sit with toothpaste on it for 10 minuites
  5. Wash off the disk under the bathroom sink, so theres no toothpaste left
  6. Temporarily the toothpaste will have filled in the scratches
  7. Dry the disk with a 100% cotton cloth. FROM THE INSIDE OF THE DISK OUT NOT IN CIRCLES! Or let it air dry
  8. Make sure the disk is dry, Put it in your xbox
  9. press the guide buton > right to games > game library > click the game > Install game
  10. Let the game install, and WALAH! as long as the xbox can tell what the game is it will work.
  11. you cant just play w/o installing it cause the fix is temporary, that is why we install it.

If your disk is beyond repair


Borrow a friends disk
install it to your xbox
play your scratched game, if it can read what game it is

80% Guarantee

Thanks appreciated

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Extra: My Way…

Go to block buster

Rent the same game

Go home and swap disc

Return after due



For more suggestions look in comments

I used fairy washing up liquid with a cloth wipe it until its completely gone and it should work

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Nice post may help a few members

Nothing will repair actual scratches.
Surface scratches maybe.

I will start off by saying this is a great tutorial because with the Xbox 360’s strange fetish for eating discs, this will probably come in handy for some people but I would like to elaborate a little more on the topic.

This idea is used because of the silica found in some toothpastes. It acts as an abrasive and the idea behind this is that you are actually (hypothetically) making the scratch not as deep. I say hypothetically because the scratch is just as deep but a lot of the other coating got shaved off.
This being said, this will mainly only work for small surface scratches that run perpendicular to the information written on the disc. (Scratches that run in a circle, along with the rotation of the disc, are VERY bad and can cause permanent failure of the disc.
My Xbox “ate” my MW2 disc and I tried this but the scratch was too deep and all I noticed that it did was make a LOT more tiny scratches.

My advice for any scratches at all is petroleum jelly AKA Vaseline. Yes, you heard right.
How it works is that is enters the scratches and coats the surface of the entire disc making is shinier on the disc. (basically what you said the toothpaste will do, although I haven’t heard of toothpaste doing that) This increases the possibility of your Xbox reading it. You don’t have to use very much at all and after you get it to successfully install, you should be home free.

So I would also like to add though that I do not suggest your idea. Sorry, but most toothpaste DOES have abrasive properties and with petroleum jelly, you don’t have to wonder if you have the right kind and risk more damage to your disc.

Well thank you for the info.

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I do like this thread idea though. Now I am mad I didn’t think of it first :laughing:

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or you go take it from blockbuster as a rental or gamefly and complain to them that your disk was scratched when you rented it and you will get your money back. well from blockbuster tho

go home download it and WHALA

Nice tut but it doesn’t work %100

Ofcourse not, some people do not do it right, or the disk is beyond repair, as he stated in the thread.

Great post though!


You can pay your local video store to resurface the disc for a small fee.

Much safer than this method, and guaranteed to work.

Dish soap works too.
Or bring it into blockbuster and get them to do it for you.

thanks bro i will go save meh disks from dieing now!

dam son i was about to flame but nice post ima try this tomorrow :smile:

The best thing possibly to do, is to take it to get it cleaned at your local Game Store. What I tried on My World at War was Veseline, it sounds stupid but it works!

Wet the disk, just run it under a tap, and spread the Vaseline all over the disk. Then because the Vaserline is water tight, just run it under the tap again, using your fingers to spread the Vaseline out. Then wipe it all off with a towel and try it !

You might want to read other posts before you write this. I stated this earlier and he even put it in his original post.

I have another thing to add too.
All of these “household object” methods should be for emergency temporary disc repair. Do not rely on it. My suggestion would be to buy a good rated machine off Amazon or eBay that repairs discs. They easily get up over $100 but they will fix a lot of discs better than household objects can. If you save just 2 Xbox 360 games with it, then it’s already payed itself off. It is a wise investment. (Even though I don’t even have one :stuck_out_tongue: )

Actually im not asking it says THANKS “APPRECIATED”. But its ok

Yes you can but it all ways doesn’t work for most scratches but its better to do, but really 5 dollars, rather do this but if doesn’t work than ill pay.

this doesnt work most of the time i tryed but my disk got worst:(

or just go to dave and busters and win a disc cleaner… also another thing to add is peanut butter. peanut butter works better than toothpaste in my opinion so add that to your thread. same technique as toothpaste