How to request new trainers for Infinity

This is how you request a trainer. Don’t make a thread requesting it, use the voting system.

Don’t waste everyone’s time by requesting cheats for online portions of games. They will not get made. Unless, of course, you can convince Frank to allow it (good luck with that).

The list of games doesn’t cover every game in existance, mostly just games available on Steam.
If the game is not found, you can request it to be added to the list by making a thread asking for it to be added to the list (assuming the game is eligible for a trainer, otherwise it will not be added to the list). You will still need to vote for it after it has been added to the list.

A game being fully funded doesn’t neccecerily mean that a trainer will be made. Staff decides if they want to make a trainer for that game, the voting is just there to show demand.

Not all games on the list are eligible for trainers. Not entirely sure how they get the list but online-only games have gotten onto the list. They get removed when staff finds out about them (voters points are refunded).

One nice exception to these rules are new AAA games. You don’t need to vote for them, you can just request it in a thread or talk to the developers directly somehow.

Disclaimer: I am not a part of the staff. I don’t decide the rules, nor do I enforce them. My word is not law. I am just a guy who have read nearly every public post regarding Infinity (missing some generic “x trainer isn’t working” posts).



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Nice work. hope there will be less question threads about it.
+1 for pin

Oh I doubt that no one even looks for anything before posting lol

I’ll just post a link to this thread instead of doing the work of searching the link for the game someone requests. Makes it faster :wink:

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