I can't download wemod

I can’t download wemod even when my firewall is off (my pc windows 7)
error this error

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Sorry to see you have an issue.
Since you have Windows 7, it is likely that your .NET Framework is out of date. As Windows 7 support has been ended by Microsoft it no longer receives important updates, such as for .NET Framework.

The links to update this are here, under the last header in the post: I can’t Install WeMod / "There was a error installing the application" - #2 by Ravenfyre. You’d have found this post using the search button on the forum before posting. :slight_smile:

I have the same issue but im on Windows 10

Follow the instructions in the post linked above. :slight_smile:

jai le meme probleme alors que je l’utilise il a meme pas 2h et le plus moyen de l’allumer ni de le telcharger ca me fait pareil et jai payer labonnement

Hi please use English on here so we can help you and read it thanks

I have the same problem while I use it it has not even 2 hours and the easiest way to turn it on or download it is the same for me and I have to pay the subscription

it’s good I managed to download it by restarting my computer thank you for having answered me anyway your answer proves that you care about your customers

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Glad you got it to work. I’m sure we would if figured out the problem anyhow always something simple. And yes we care about our customers thanks for being a pro member :+1:

As you know, it’s fixed with WeMod 7

As you can see in previous posts above, the user’s issue was resolved. Refer to your own thread for continued support.