I can't interact with the app

Hello! Every time I turn on my computer the WeMod App appears to be working, but when I hover the mouse over it the app is completely black. When I click on it nothing happens. Also when I try task manager it says there are no apps running. I have to restart my computer every time to actually interact with the app. After restart it works perfectly fine. Is there something that can be done about this?

Is WeMod showing as an installed app in the control panel? If not, then WeMod was not correctly installed and a reinstall will be your best bet.

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@User_N4m3 beat me writing the exact same thing, lol.
It’s probably that one of the files has been corrupted or maybe blocked by your antivirus, resulting in an incomplete installation. Re-install as said above, maybe turn your antivirus off temporarily during installation. :slight_smile:

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Worked like a charm! Thank you!

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Glad it works for you now. Have fun! :slight_smile:

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