ICARUS Cheats and Trainer for Steam

thanks VulpineVet for the info… Not every one noes the bears an Bosses are set on durability…


As of 5/1/2022 this trainer seems to still mostly function despite the game having updated. I haven’t tested every option, but the essentials work. The only functions I’ve had issues with have been the talent/solo/blueprint points, but those were finicky even before the game update (and yes, I followed the special instructions for those functions).


The Cheats are still sweet as of today. The Mega XP is bugged tho and the talent, tech and solo points dont work everytime. sometimes there is a restart required. other than that its all g.

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Please update Icarus.
Talent points not working.
And a number of functions do not work.


Hi Mr. AntiFun,

Can you please add an unlimited jump cheat. I love feeling like I’m on a jetpack, and it makes sense since we’re in space.

There is already a fly mode cheat :slight_smile:

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Good Evening,

In relation the Tech Tree line as others have mentioned it seems that it no longer is working correctly. Even when refreshing within the game first, then setting it within the trainer it no longer updates once refreshed within the game again. I know there was a minor patch the other day so not sure if that’s when something broke it.

Side question In relation to the unlimited items what is that even referencing as I’ve never had it work for me.


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At the moment it is not possible to kill bears.

And it is possible to set the currency “Ren” up by our cheat tool? Please :slight_smile:

Bears and elephants health is actually durability

No issues with Styx beta did not test tech/talent points

Exactly correct.

Talent Points was not working. Unlimited items was not working either. Maybe you can share your knowledge on how you got them to work instead?

Just installed the game again and tried out the cheats. They are working again!!! Thanks so much!!! Now wbout Empires of the Undergrowth…lol

The ICARUS cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

please add one shot / one hit kill option

The tech points cheat is not working after update.

You need to increase your talent/solo/tech points to above your current total so if your level 40 you should already have ~50 talent points so you need to increase to above 50 to see any available points.