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Teleport works for first teleport then gets stuck, F7 gets stuck toggled on.


Thank you oh so very much for the Trainer. I have absolutely enjoyed this game since I got it.

I have one suggestion/request for the Trainer. Is it at all possible to make separate cheats for the Ambrosia, Zeus’s Lightning, Coins of Charon, and Golden Amber? The thing is, that unlike the other resources in the game, being the Adamantines, the others take much longer to collect, especially the Zeus Lightning. Meaning you won’t get 30 of it until a lot further into the game. Or if the coding is capable, reduce the needed resource for the cheat down to like 5 or something?

I completely understand if this is not possible to do and I appreciate the work you did to get us a Trainer for the game.

EDIT: I thought of a much simpler way for this. Is it possible to make a cheat that will allow you to upgrade yourself without the needed resources? The Hall of the Gods has all those upgrade stations where you spend your resource to upgrade yourself. Can a cheat be made that lets you do that without the resource or something along the line?

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Is it possible to get a super jump height so that we can use the glide function whenever we want? The teleport feature is also bugged as it only works once and then you have to reload the game to get it to work again. Thank you for the work on the trainer!


possible to give money or other?

Hm I set a marker, then hit F7 to teleport. Nothing happens. Any Ideas?


Enable the cheat before setting a marker.

I enable all cheats, set a marker, press F7, nothing happens. Is there a different key to “activate” the teleport in the game?

Unless you changed it no. Restart WeMod then try again.

Hm. Does not seem to work here:

  1. Start wemod
  2. Start game over wemod
  3. Load savegame
  4. activate F1-F7 where F7 is teleport
  5. Press Tab to open map
  6. Set marker
  7. Press F7 to teleport
  8. Nothing happens, only thing is F7 is deactivated.

Where is my fault?

Other things work great!

Another piece of art and mastery! Thank you MrAntiFun!!
The trainer works fine, only Unlimited Health does not, could you please fix this?
But once again, thank you for the trainer!!

In addition to my earlier post: even if you don’t turn on the Unlimited Health-code, the game crashes when you fall or by die by DOT.
Very annoying, so can you please fix this Mr Wonderful?

I have noticed, on occasion the stamina or health cheat won’t work.

High Priority:

  • trainer needs EPIC games support

Trainer isn’t working anymore. There was a patch today. Would love to see an update.
Thanks :slight_smile:


When you update the Trainer for the latest patch. Do you think you could look into adding a cheat that lets you upgrade at the Hall of the Gods without the needed resources? Thanks


Could you please update the trainer since the game has been updated? The cheats don’t work anymore.
Could you also take a look at the Stealth-cheat? When turned on and you die by falling, the game freezes and crashes. When turned off and you fall/die, you wil respawn normally.
But please keep up the good work, MrAntiFun! Thanks a lot!
Best regards, yabusan


Cheats aren’t working. Could you please update the trainer for the latest patch? Thank you.


I played the game yesterday and some things did work, some not. Shut the game down and some other things would work, and some not.
Ubisoft has once again released a game with game stopping bugs and I have had to restart several times to avoid them, however you do not know when the next game stopping issue will arise.
Two big ones that have happened to me are in Athena’s Vault the blocks that appear to move the statue forward show up however you cannot push them. This stops the game.
The other one is the Hephiatois Vault(however you spell that) once you reach the central forge towards the vault boss the upper two latches you unlock are red locked and will not function therefore you cannot go through the upper door and this simply stops the game. If you made a save prior to entering the central forge you can restart the game without the Wemod trainer and it will work fine, with the trainer activated the upper two keys, latches will be red locked and the game simply will not progress.

Most likely best if we all wait a month or so for Ubisoft to fix their game as many other game stopping bugs have been noted on the Ubisoft and Reddit forums. Which one will appear for you? Roll the dice and gamble…Grin.
Personally I plan to wait awhile, as right now you never know, you may fall through the floor doing the Herkales memory which is another game stopping issue.


unlimited stamina is broken with the new update, not sure about any of the other cheats since that’s the only one I use.