Immortals Fenyx Rising Cheats and Trainer for Uplay

all still working fine for me - so not a general problem.

“unlimited stamina” is not working

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Will these mods work on the Xbox Game Pass version or would it need an update?

It would likely require a new trainer.

Nvm, it should work. It just installed the uplay version of the game.

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For me it´s not working it needs an Update.


For Xbox Game Pass PC (Ubisoft Connect) I can confirm that the trainer is not working.


can also confirm these need an update


Does this work with the uplay+ version of the game? if not I am requesting so, I am a pro user and happy to boost it but I don’t want to fully purchase the game I want to download it with my uplay+

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I´m using Game Pass from X-Box and alredy tried it, for me its not working. And i would boost it too, if they are working on an update