Infinity Doesnt Load Anything


I started using infinity a short while ago, and everything was working fine, however one day all Games, Popular, etc got deleted somehow and now it just has 2 games on it.

I tried uninstalling but when i reinstall only the same two games are there, and my account is logged in automatically even if im sure i deleted EVERYTHING.

I read that SOMEWHERE theres a way to select the steam folder (which I have on D drive) but for the love of god I cant find it, help me please

(1) Delete Infinity.
(2) Use this tool to delete cache and cookies from Infinity automatically - ICDV2.bat - (use the default option for easy-ness)
You can also do it manually if you find it fancy

(3) Download Infinity from here (or from here: WeMod | PC Game Cheats, Trainers, and Mods in One App )

(4) Install again.

(5) Enjoy ^^

have u properly ogged in the app by your account ? also disable your AV or some firewall, remove all anti-virus software. have u tried doing a reinstall ?

Try to select the main game base folder, not necessary the .exe folder. use the PICK folder to manually select the game’s folder and directory.

are u on win 10 OS ? run Infinity as ADMIN privilege. first log-in the tool with your username.

u tried doing a CLEAN reinstall ? try this link:

not sure, but some tips are mentioned below. manually remove the cache and other Appdata folder. a long read, but could be worth looking into. i once faced a similar issue. try to full reinstall

we also have a handy tool icdv for removing this tho. search for it.

u should check this latest topic as well:

My steps are the same as your comment :stuck_out_tongue:

a) Games appear independent of the account logged
b) Admin problems show up in different way most of the time (error code: 9, 3, etc to name a few)
c) Pick folder is not an option in all the games, starting the game first and then attaching infinity is the option in some.
d) Writing this %appdata% is shorter and accurate instead of “C:\users\Your username\AppData.…”