The list is gone

Hello Everyone, I am a New User

The Trainers was very good yesterday and all of the list and cheat platform was fine then now its gone.
( Sorry to say my (5) games aren’t detected because there are all cracked games “No Game Found” )

Infinity list is gone except this one… lol
Is there any other way to solve this
I’ve Restarted , download Infinity many times and
turned off the Firewall and Security.

Please help all I need is the game list

Thank you very much…

Beware long messege ahead :stuck_out_tongue: , quoting it cause it teaches how to properly clean infinity of the system and installing it again like new

Disclaimer: I dunno if will fix the issue but worths the shoot.


It works
Thank you very much Sir


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OP, so all your games were cracked, or legit copy ?

They fixed the problem, so does it really matter?

That shouldn’t matter. It is the popular tab which lists all the trainers we have available. My games tab lists games thaty infinity managed to detect!

ya, i know that STN. i was just asking about the game list.

thanks sprayprey. i have followed the same suggestion posted by nick_666. works like a charm .


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