Infinity Doesn't Work Properly

Hey Sup Community,
Maybe someone can Help me.
Last week i got me the Infinity Mod Menu like everybody in here and i Tested it once it Worked but the game crashed i dont mind it that the Mod menu more likely my experimental OC xD so the next day i worked my oc out and in some games it was easier to bench for stability ingame like teleport cheat and so on but everytime i started the inject from infinity i got me like 20-30 seks and it bricked everygame. the games were supported
still crashed ok good. google my bestfriend helped me out some threads troubleshoots everythin fine avg off firewall expectation ok better to shutdown avg ok first launch steam than after game loaded inject ok updated some windows framework stuff and thingys… ok everythin fine graphic card to default settings non OC everygame bricks and i want to spend 70Dollar a year im still on the free version but im very very sceptical want to fix this and pay my member ship but please guys i need a fix sry for the bad English but we can get togheter i guess. The tested games that crashed.: GTA V, Fallout 4, Dead Rising 4, Borderlands 2.

OK guys One Love i look further for fixes infinity is Great but maybe my pc must be thrown out of the windows xD

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hi sorry i didnt know where to post this and i hope you get this but farcry 5 doesnt work anymore like the trainer it makes you go through steam and verify files to make it work again

Well this actually 4 months old try here