Introducing WeMod 2.0

WeMod 2.0 and Infinity 2.0 are finally here! 2.0 marks the final major release of the site and program. This is because from here on out we’re going to be incrementally updating the site and Infinity every week. We now have the infrastructure we need to push out epic stuff to you all the time, and we’re excited :grinning: Let’s go over what has changed since 1.0.

Infinity 2.0

We scrapped the old code base and built Infinity up again from scratch.

What’s New:

  • No more dependency on the .NET Framework. Yay!
  • Trainers now have nice thumbnails instead of colors.
  • View the most popular and latest trainers.
  • View trainers without having their respective games installed.
  • Search!
  • Keyboard shortcuts have been reworked into cheat cards. Each cheat card contains one or more keyboard shortcuts related to the cheat. For example, a Jump Height card could have “Increase”, “Decrease”, and “Reset” shortcuts.
  • Each cheat card can have their own separate description/instructions. This replaces the “Important Notes” pop-up in v1.
  • The window is resizable so you can fit all of the cheats on the screen without having to scroll.
  • Improved installation detection and support.
  • Start up time is super fast!

Download Infinity

WeMod 2.0

The website was completely recoded using technologies that will scale well and provide more interactivity than a normal website. These two attributes will shine as we continue to roll out new features.

What’s New:

  • Brand new design.
  • Vote for games that you want trainers made for. We’ll always be working on new games and games that reach the voting threshold.
  • Our own currency: WePoints
    • Earn them by staying active, going Pro, or using trainers.
    • Spend them on requests for new trainers! More ways to spend are coming soon.
  • Diamond has been split into Diamond and Pro.
    • Pro members get 10,000 WePoints per month and can access the Infinity remote.
    • Diamond members get unlimited access to Horizon only.
    • If you were subscribed to Diamond before the split, you get grandfathered in as a Pro member as long as you keep your subscription active.
      • Lifetime Diamond members get a free year of Pro.

We hope you enjoy this release :+1:


Not gonna lie this looks sick when i got on i was so confused like i was on the wrong site xD

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It looks very nice @frank

But some options in mafia 3 trainer dont work :frowning:
But @STN said to tag @unknown_v2

Non-Steam version of GTA V doesn’t work.


Just logged into it today for the first time. Epic work. Looks really slick. Keep it up. :joy:

It looks great but is anyone else having trouble with mass effect 2&3 were a message pops up asking you to disable your anti-virus and spyware temporally ( I do trust wemod/infinity to do so ) and I did but I still got the message and the only pc games I have are the mass effect games.

Run the game then attach infinity.

Which antivirus you use? - don’t say avast :frowning:

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Alright I will check it out.

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Great updte to infinity. I am looking foward to seeing new trainers and most importantly, getting the glitches with the new update fixed so old trainers will work.

I love v2 can’t wait to see how it, evolves in a years time

What’s wrong with Avast? Just wondering, because I use Avast. Been thinking about switching to another AV, though. Any suggestions?

For some reason Avast doesn’t seem to play nice with Infinity. I assume it has to do with the fact that it reads and writes to another processes memory.

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I see. Is that all? Wouldn’t deactivating Avast keep it from messing with Infinity?

For what it’s worth, I’ve been using AVAST on my PC, and it never picked the Infinity/Horizon program as a threat. Don’t know, but maybe I just got lucky.

I think 'deactivating" the software shouldn’t mess with INFINITY. But, try to add an exception/exclusion for the Infinity app, if need be (to be on a safer side).

Same here, it has never interfered. Once I set Infinity to run as Admin, I haven’t had any issues. Still, I’ve been considering using BitDefender instead. Avast likes to pick up A LOT of false negatives.

@STN I did get it to work partially with 3 the infinite health and shields does not seem to work but others do, and it still does not work for 2. I use windows defender.

Try to turn OFF and disable Windows Defender real-time protection as well, even though it may or may not interfere with Infinity, or any of the cheats/mods.

Apart from that, I think the new Trainers might need an update, or fixing of some of the assembler bugs on version v2.0, if any.

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@WarsWarrior Okay thanks, health and shield were working in v1 so if they don’t work now, its an assembler error.

Regarding 2, you still haven’t got it to attach? Run the game then run infinity. Then click on Start Game.

@pdhar I did. @STN When I tried attaching infinity the game was fully loaded and I was in a level.