Iron Harvest Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Same thing happening. Have to restart it everytime

so i cant play the campaign on iron harvest? weird wish we had a heads up about that

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You can’t do it in campaign because how heavily scripted it is, plus they prob have anti cheat in campaign.

i cant get the cheats to work in skirmish

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I am unable to use the mods. As soon as I click “Play” button, game crashes in campaign mode. Do I need to be in a certain part of game or game menu when activating cheats? The game updated…do the cheats/mods no longer work due to game update? rev 55741

Is their any chance to get the Trainer for Epic Games?

You can use the steam version and just link to the exe from Epic instead, the cheats is the same

Hey can we get an update for this game please? much love.

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Need an update on this game asap please

Not sure if this was from a recent issue or something but now opening the game with WEMOD causes it to crash as its trying to load to the main screen… was also crashing through different parts of the Usonian campaign on the first mission


  Good day. I am a free WeMod user considering becoming a Pro user. Anyway, this PC game trainer for Iron Harvest is malfunctioning. I know this game is constantly updating and may appear to be in some Early Access mode that fixes any bug. With this in mind, the trainer permits this game to crash before entering the menu. All right, I hope FLiNG can help with this request. Thank you, and have a great day.

2022-08-20T02:21:00Z Trainer not work on steam.

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Cheats do not work on Skirmish.