Is it feasible to level up in Halo 4 and Halo Reach?

Hello everybody. A few weeks ago I came to this forum because of a problem that a friend of mine got me into. Problem that I explained in this post:

A question about TrueAchievement - Horizon - Xbox / Xbox Gaming - WeMod Community

(If someone can tell me how they work in TrueAchievement to discover these things I would really appreciate it.)

Back to the topic. I have been learning about this modding program, and it has raised a question that I would like to solve. Halo’s Xbox 360 servers will be shutting down later this year. Making it impossible to reach the maximum level of our accounts.

I have observed that this program allows you to gain experience without having to play. To which the following question arises, would it be possible to go up to the maximum level by the end of the year using this program without running the risk of being banned?

And if possible. How should I do it?