Is there a way to use the 32bit versions of a trainer? (Dragon Age Origins)

I want to use them for dragon-age origins.

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The game you’re referring to only comes in 32-bit, since it uses less than 4GB of RAM to run (3GB to be precise). To be a 64-bit game, it has to require 4GB of RAM or above.

Therefore, the trainer here at WeMod should be designed for the 32-bit version of the game, the only official, store-purchased version of the game that exists. WeMod automatically selects the trainer for the version of the game that you have.

Are you getting an error message about the wrong -bit version? If so, pasting your error message into the forum here will usually get your error resolve very quickly. Here you go, click here.

If you’re using the unofficial fan-made remastered mod, the trainer is only designed for the official vanilla version of the game. Other mods can conflict with trainers.

If your game is cracked, we can’t help you. We won’t assist anyone with breaking the law.