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Just Cause 3 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


ah, yes. i have all the dlcs active too, that might be why some of them arent working for me too.


Any chance of this being fixed soon? Too many glitches popping to up be able to enjoy the game.


What glitches? Mention them so the dev can replicate them and fix. I’ll tag him so he knows about it @unknown_v2


Most notably, after enabling, I think No Heat or Lock Heat, firing weapons while parachuting stops working and firing weapons while moving stops working. Also one of the cheats blocks entering missions of any kind, not sure which one does it. I typically use Infinite Health, Infinite Ammo, No Reload, Infinite Items, and Infinite Oxygen.


i’ve had an issue where my bazooka stops working and wont reload even tho it has 0/5 ammo while using infinite ammo. this happens often. i have to find a new weapon and replace bazooka and find a new bazooka after to fix it.


I’ve seen that as well, and while it’s stuck at 0/5 ammo the bazooka looks like it’s having a minor seizure.


I would really like to play this game with the cheats, anyone know if this is ever going to be fixed?


Some of them seems like just game bugs and you have to disable cheats to progress. Don’t know if the game had update and broke trainer completely though.

I’ll tag @unknown_v2 and he can answer when he sees it


@STN How do I fix this problem?



Just a suggestion for a new cheat maybe some, infinite car health, Infinite Nitro, Infinite Wingsuit boost, no overheat for mechs and weapons and wingsuit weapons, This would be really cool thanks @STN and other trainer makers


@unknown_v2 Some cheats are not working for this game.

Here’s the list of cheats that are not working.

1. Freeze Timers
2. Infinite oxygen
3. Set/lock heat level

Can we add more to the just cause 3 Trainer.

1. Add in Infinite Wingsuit boost.

2. Add (10,000) points to Mission by pressing one button.

3. Add in speed up modifier and slow down modifier.

4. Add in infinite vehicle Health for All vehicle.

5. Add in Infinite Nitro.

6. Add in One-hit kill on enemies.

7. Add in enemies cannot see you & shoot you.


I did not make the trainer, @unknown_v2 did.


Oh ok sorry


Don’t be sorry, was just letting you know :slight_smile: (and tagging him)


Broke my ■■■■■■■ game…


Wow how did it do that ?


Stuff like no reloads and infinite ammo/health worked for me. Thanks to the folks involved!


Great mod, thank you! Any chance of adding a cheat giving loads of Gears or boosting how many you receive? There’s no point really in unlocking the skills without having Gears to buy them with.


Challenge timer freeze doesn’t work.