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Just Cause 3 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


If all I’m going to get is accusations of piracy, I’ll send you a ■■■■■■■ screenshot of my steam library to prove I bought the damn game! Honestly, I cant believe the community has been so hostile here! Send me a link and I’ll email it or whatever! JESUS!


I don’t care if you bought it or pirated it.
If you bought it on steam and you’re on the newest version you most certainly can show me a changelog right?
Cause I can’t find a recent one.
In my last response was no hostility whatsoever. In the beginning, yes. Right now I’m trying to be calm but you’re not making it easy. You mention something which was done 2 weeks ago.
I didn’t ask if you pirated it in my last response I asked for a changelog or proof that the game had an update. Cause mine didn’t and the trainer is working.


All right, fine, you win. That WAS the last changelog for an update, and even though I’m experiencing problems just like 50% of the other people in the comments, I guess your mod works (debatably) perfectly fine… Meanwhile, I’ve been using regular CheatEngine lua scripts provided elsewhere (I won’t mention where, wouldn’t want to damage any of the traffic for the REST of this site…) for free without need for registration, and haven’t had even ONE issue. So you can enjoy your (somewhat) functional mod, that absolutely don’t glitch out the game (and or does not function) in peace. I’ll be doing something productive, BYE!:laughing::gun::coffin:


Hopefully a calmer response to this one… it doesn’t work for me either and never has done. If it works for some then that’s great, but it would be nice to have something on Infinity that works for everyone as most of the other cheats do. If the author is still interested, any chance you could fix it? If the author isn’t and this cheat isn’t being updated any more then a plea to WEMOD - please remove this from your listing or add a warning, because it doesn’t work for a lot of us and can cause serious in-game issues. There are better trainers out there you might want to have a look at for including in Infinity.


Ok, so the freeze challenge timer won’t work at all. Fix it please?? @unknown_v2


failed to load cheats


Did you try loading the game first And than loading up infinity?


Bug: sometimes it glitches so when you run you cant shoot can you try to fix it?


All gear mods activates but when in game you can turn on the abilities but they turn off right after leaving the screen where you turn them on

Infinite ammo just does not work
No reload breaks all guns preventing you from having any ammo available

Please fix these things.


no reload doesnt work on the rocket/grenade launchers
freeze timers doesn’t work


i cant seem to get the freeze timers to work they have no affect


I really like the cheats, they work great but it creates some issues with other things. When I activate any cheat it breaks my gun sometimes; making me only be able to shoot if i’m not moving and facing forward. Also when I try to use any of the gun mods it breaks all of the explosive weapons except for the grenade launcher by not reloading the weapon at all and it jiggles rapidly, its funny but not effective.


If there is a way to unlock all airdrops please add that.


freeze timer not working fix this man


Whenever I use this, I eventually can’t turn around and can’t shoot unless I turn to face an enemy. I can’t find any reports of this in normal Just Cause 3 so it has to be this doing it.


I’ve tried this cheat and, sadly, it does nothing. None of the options appear to work.
Other Infinity cheats in other games work just fine but, perhaps, I’m doing something wrong? Or, possibly, the cheat is out of date?
I’m wondering if anyone else is having problems or were and figured out how to fix it.


Same with my game none of the cheats work even administrative mode.


except the timer ones allmost all cheats works for me outside of infinite items makes you unable to reload rpgs and one of the cheats not sure which makes you unable to start missions even do u can press e in game and it works for the other stuff E is used for.


Like durasteel_derek said, I also get to a point in gameplay where I can no longer fire while moving and cannot fire while standing still unless Rico’s whole body is facing the thing I’m trying to shoot. Also an issue whilst parachuting. Also, one of them makes reloading the special weapons impossible. And if you have Infinite Allies Health switched on, for some reason it counts Di Ravello as an ally and you have to switch it off to be able to kill him.


I tested yesterday just cause 3 and saw some cheats are not working .

1)Unlock all Gear mods did not work the game was caught in the RPG weapon.

2)Freezing mission time also didn’t work . Time continued running against time .