Just Cause 3 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Infinite beacons is a thing in the infinite items cheat.

So, I’m playing “Just Cause 3” on Steam.
All mods are working.
But “Freeze Challenge Timer” is only greyed out and there stands “Apply”.
When I start the game and press the corresponding key, there is a sound.
However, this is different than when you activate or deactivate a mod.
That´s all the Information I got.
I really hope youre able to help me.

Freeze mission timer and freeze challenge timer not working with latest steam version


Infinite tether isnt working, infinite reload messes up the rpg and so on. Whoever did this should reworkt it, don’t see that happnening tho

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some of the cheats don’t work, the rocket launcher and same guns like it just freeze after one use, the items only unlocks if i choose it and if i close the game it resets

Turn infinite items off that will fix your issue, the “unlock all gear mods” seems to just be a spoof not an actual unlock so you will need to keep doing this every time you start the game

The timer freezes do not work anymore just a heads up

can you add infinite explosives and rebel drops

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can we please get a update. fix freeze timer and infinite tether and add unlimited supply drops please.

please add spawning vechicles

any chance for this to get updated at all?

The Just Cause 3 cheats have been updated!


  • Unlimited Companion Health cheat added
  • Unlimited Grenades cheat added
  • Easy Clear Heat/Easy Escape cheat added
  • Unlimited Tethers cheat added
  • Unlimited Vehicle Health cheat added
  • One-Hit Kills cheat added
  • Add 10K Challenge Score cheat added
  • Set Game Speed cheat added
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could you maybe make it so you could set the amount of challenge score to add instead of making it a set amount?

Hey could you add infinite items like markers?

can you guys add unlimited beacons please? its kinda hard getting them.

I keep having missions where Mario is there and I have unlimited companion health on but he dies instantly with any damage. Anyone else having this issue? I tried the mission (currently “Turncoats”, previously “Terrible Reaction”) with Fearless Revolution tables (for my own unlimited health) and he can take multiple shots before dying.

the unlimited Tethers is not work

Possible to add unlimited vehicle boost?

It has been a while since I got a response to this question. Personally, I’m only concerned about the timers and maybe the vehicle health. As part of the dlc that will be released next month, I assume that the trainer will have to be updated. The only thing I would like to know is if this game is still supported or if it will be supported by the time the DLCs come out. Thanks to all the trainers that have supported all the games so far that have trainers, and hopefully you’ll be able to keep up the good work.

i think i’m having the same problem, i’m trying to do the second mission in the mech land assault DLC and georgio keeps dying in one hit

can you pls add heat changer