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Just Cause 4 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


What is your antivirus?


AVG, I have also tried kaspersky, In hopes that it might maybe make a difference.


i messed with gravity option, can you tell me default value for gravity option?


shouldnt it be normal again after restarting wemod? The default value is -100 i think, so the lowest on the scale



But wemod doesn’t allow sliding to that so don’t use that unless you want to. Zero gravity is actually pretty fun and can play normally?


Oh ok cool, havent played around with gravity.
I dont want to stress or annoy, but are there updates to the few broken functions such as wingsuit boost or supply drops?
And no, ofc i didnt had version guard enabled… ;__;
As soon as its working again ill enable it immediately

No pressure though :slight_smile:


i tried restart wemod and play again but every time i open wingsuit I immediately fell to the ground without having time to fly


I didn’t mean to use that option, but I accidentally pressed the button that increase the gravity and when I tried to lower it it turned out to be chaotic. my bad and now every time i restart wemod and play again wingsuit dragged me to the ground. can we disabled that option?


Its still like this even after PC restart?
On the slider in Wemod, the def. gravity value is -100, and ingame my gravity is perfectly fine.
You can minimize the game and press the keys for decrease/increase and you should see the value changing.
I get that too sometimes, that the slider is at -100 and the gravity is still f*cked, but after wemod restart it works.
Maybe youre closing wemod incorrectly? Could be its just closing to the tray and isnt actually closed…if thats the case you need to right click wemod symbol in the tray and close it.
Maybe something helps…


finally I used the last method which was uninstalling wemod and installing it again and the game running normally with the default option. when trying to use the wingsuit it’s not forced me to fall again. maybe if I can give an idea to provide a reset button or a choice of back to default in each trainer?
thank you for the suggestions from all of you, sorry if my english is a mess because english is not my native language :slight_smile:


So, a couple things (and this is shaping up to be a great trainer):

The wingsuit boost just turns itself off immediately and won’t activate.

If you have No Reloads and sometimes Rapid Fire, when you fire the wingsuit missiles, you get this kind of thing:
It’s a cool effect, but you can’t get out of it - even turning off those options don’t unfuck it. You’ll have to turn off invincibility and die for it to stop.

No recoil doesn’t work even though it ‘activates’ - that combined with Rapid Fire and a shotgun has you almost immediately shooting up into the sky.

SloMo request: I love the speed option (which works 1/2 the time), but trying to get an accurate slomo below 1 (or even getting it back to 1) is kind of a pain. Can you add 25/50/75% buttons? Or, make the 0-1 drag longer?

The instant hacking doesn’t work for remote hacks, only Rico hacks.



The Unlimited health cheat still sets my health to 1 percent. Also the “Unlimited Supply Drops” “Cease Fire” “Unlimited Supply Drops” “Unlimited Wingsuit Boost” cheats turn back off automatically and don’t work.


Hello. My infinite wingsuit boost cheat doesn’t work. As in, when I turn it ion, it turns right back off. It does that even when no other cheats are on. Sorry for the criticism, but otherwise this is a really great trainer. Thank you!



For me, every cheat i use, it’s okay.U have to use it properly.First game, then the trainer.

Except the wingsuit rockets and the unlimited wingsuit boost and the timer.
The rockets just never stop shooting.As i see this problem is very old and there is no news about it long time ago.
The boost, well, you can’t turn it off, and give boost as long as u want,and like that, u can’t control yourself through the rings.
The timer not working btw on the missions with wingsuit.

Thank you guys anyway,and 1 more thing: unlocked supplys could be great.I know that is bigbig job but please try it!


At first this annoyed me too, but just do the few wingsuit stunts, after you complete like 20-25 you get three bars for boost. If used correctly, you only have like 1 to 2 second delay between boosts, wich is pretty ok i think.


Use zero gravity and you don’t need to use boost. Just glide up, down however you feel like forever.


I just found something funny:
You know the loading bar at the start with the thunder in background right?
If you increase game speed, the loading bar moves faster accordingly to the set speed, wich means its just an animation and not really loading something? WTF :smiley:


could you ad infinit allys health pls im in a lexel super hard and i need that


Well, i’ve find a perfect trainer for the game , which is not wemod.So ,i just stop using wemod for any games.
Wemod has too many problem all the time.The app has no quit option.
And this site, well i wanted to login to my account(im hurka79 btw)with my username and password,and the site just logged into my brother freshly made account(nagypeti) that is not hurka79 haha,so right now i can’t log in into my hurka79 account…


The app has no quit option ? Just click out of it ? Or in the tray can click out of it there
That’s on your end singing into your brother’s account why is the wemod fault?