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Just Cause 4 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


I doubt you found a better trainer than this one. I spent days making exclusive options.


I’ve had a slight issue. I am wearing the Skystriker wingsuit, and the infinite missiles cheat works. The infinite wingsuit boost, however, does not. upon pressing the hotkey, it flicks on for a second before turning back off of it’s own accord. Any explanation is greatly appreciated.


Cant explain it but its a known bug.
Just do the few 20-25 wingsuit stunts, then you get three bars of boost. If used correctly, you only have like 1 to 2 second delay between boosts, wich is pretty ok i think.
And the stunts dont take too long to complete, i did it in like 20-30 minutes.


it seems the unlimited supply drops arnt working for me that is either a bug or because i havent gotten acces to them yet in the story


the cease fire dosent work it turns itself off and it would be very usefull as my mission is to steal a boat but they keep blowing it up and i cant stop them


Do you have rapid fire enabled? Read trainer notes


Hi, thanks for the huge work. I’ve the problem with the wingsuit boost, when i turn on the cheat, it turns immediately off. I hope you can fix that because it is like my favourite cheat and it was very fun to use…


unlimited wingsuit boost dosent want to turn on and even when i have it off unlimited wingsuit rockets fire and i cant stop them so i have to die to stop them


You don’t have to die. Disable No Reload.


Can you add instant supply drop cool down and/or all gear mod unlocks?


Can you please add infinite squads? I am tired of grinding just to get a few squads so I can expand “my” region with like 500 meters.


more requests needed for new update


BUG> The biggest issue/ bug I have with this trainer is that you can still die while in vehicles if they crash/ explode.

This sucks as driving vehicles down mountains and setting up crazy vehicle stunts was one of the most fun thing to do in Just Cause 2 and 3, with inf health the action keeps going, but here it stops the second you die. Please fix this! Awesome work so far though.


This trainer is amazing and I support your hard work. Is it possible to fix the dying in vehicles with infinite health? Even with it on you still die if you crash/ explode cars, planes, boats, etc. Takes the fun away when you’re setting up crazy stuff!

Thank you


Nothing can be done about that as it is a scripted death.
What should the game do when the you’re in explodes?

It can’t do anything you will just be stuck in the exploded vehicle alive


Damn that really sucks. In JC 2 and 3 even after the car exploded you could just get out normally with infinite health on. Too bad that isn’t the case with this game.