Killing Floor 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Yes, the trainer works.

I’m honestly a little skeptical about using the cheats for this game. It’s a VAC secured game, and even playing offline, i’ve heard some people say that you’re safe as long as you don’t play online, and some others say that you can still get banned even if you cheat offline. Is there any kind of solid evidence that it’s completely safe to use offline?

Not sure I have “solid evidence” but I did the max lvl cheat offline and played with a friend online later. Nothing so far. Did another lvl cheat for beserker so will see later if anything happens.

Everything still all good with you?

Hopefully soon we can get an xp mod

Yes I have but you must be the host and if you join online server be careful not to get caught cause some cheats change number that cant be achieved. So if they view you they can see the unlimited stuff.

I keep having an issue with the game crashing after I finish a mission and go to the menu. It works sometimes but it crashes a fair bit. I turn everything off before the end.

what happens if you use the xp cheat after getting prestige rank?

Hi Stingerr
Killing Floor 2 needs an update as i have turned off unlimited health and unlimited armor and one hit kill before the boss fight and the whole game just crashed just after the map cycle timer reached zero and if you pick a map same thing happens

only if YOUR PUBLIC server is disconnected from VAC. And if you just create a private game for friends, then the VAC is 100% there, the VAC is built into the game, and in order to use the trainer you need to turn off the VAC through the server console or be alone in Steam offline mode.

I do not recommend doing this. There are also special cards for raising prestige by type (KF-SuperPerkTrainingDeluxe-v7d), using cheats for leveling XP even offline is too big a risk

Would I get banned if I used the mods offline then got into a game with my friends?

如果在已經開啟某些功能的當下進入遊戲會導致崩潰(包括但不限於:無限彈藥 無需換彈) 抑或是在長時間游完時人多時也容易導致崩潰

Please add unlimited weight.

is this working ? keeps kicking me out when i turn it on

működik offline módba természetesen.