Kingdom new landswon't let me use cheats

My game Kingdom new lands, hasen’t been working in that i mean the cheats. I can get in the game but when i click the short cut it makes a sound, but nothing happend other then that. And i’m also very new to infinity,

And by the way i’m danish so i don’t know how good my writing skills are, so excuse me.

But if you have any sort of information it would help :slight_smile:

Are you talking about infinity’s desktop shortcut?

Before i start the game it showes me f1 f2 f3 f4 and what they do, and when i’m in the game it give’s me a werid sound when i press one of them. Like when i press f1 it says unlimited money but when i start the game, it doesen’t work.
And again i’m sorry of my english. and no i don’t think it’s the desktop shortcut

Read the trainer notes. Do something related to the cheat you’re trying to activate first e.g pickup gold/coins before you activate gold cheat etc.

What is your game version/source?(gog/steam) etc

Where do i check i don’t quite understand as i said i’m danish… Sorry

Sounds like you are already in infinity and are looking at the trainer options. they are not called shorcuts, they are called hotkeys.

For example, f1 could be a hotkey for a trainer option called unlimited money.

Hotkeys are supposed to be pressed during gameplay and not before starting the games. So just enable it while playing.

I am enableing it ingame.

Did you start the game using infinity?

That’s the Trainer HOTKEY option, for the desired cheat effect to take place.

But like @STN mentioned above, “Do something related to the cheat you’re trying to activate first e.g pickup gold/coins before you activate gold cheat etc”.

The sound indicates that the selected HOTKEY has been actived, or deactivated when you press it second time.

On a side note, When you run the Infinity app/tool, make sure to run it as an ADMIN/Administrator, and temporarily disable any Antivirus/AV, as well as firewall on your PC.

You can also add “Infinity” as an exception/exclusion, if using any AV, but better turn it off, for the time being.

First launch the game via STEAM or otherwise, and then open the Infinity tool. If this doesn’t work, first launch the Infinity tool, and then start the game through this MOD, by clicking on the START button.

Try both these methods. Do you have the STEAM or GOG version of this game ?

Steam version is 1.0.2

When i try to start it is says this tool was not tested with the version of kingdom new lands. do you think that has anything to do with it?

I’m not fully sure, as I don’t have this game installed on my PC, but in most of the cases, you can IGNORE this warning message.

I get the same error, while playing Homefront: The Revolution, but the trainer works fine, despite the version error warning. So, just click on YES, and play the game.

Ignore the tool’s message, for the time being. @STN might be able to help you further with this issue.

It just sucks i can’t play the game with cheats. i do all the things it want me to do like pick up a coin or somthing. And i’ve tried other’s to only realize it’s a virus. But i have a good antivirus so don’t worry. but what i am saying it doesn’t work, for me at least.

You can try getting the GOG version or revert your steam version to previous ones. I don’t have the game on steam so not much i can do.

PS: Continue discussion in the trainer thread.