Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Cheats and Trainer for Steam

There should be a seperate cheat for abilities points and skills points but everything else is verry good

Any chance for trainers for the Origin version coming out?

@Scarface_Viking You can use the “Steam” version of trainer, what i did was go into the “fix” option, link it to the app in the folder from where you installed it. I clicked play, while game was already running, and it worked just fine with the skills/exp/health/remove skill/add skill/unlimited mana. All i tested personally.

Thanks, will try that next time I get the game down on my pc :slight_smile: Appreciate it :smiley:

Unlimited bag option would be a nice addition


Is anyone else having difficulty killing Anokatos? He just won’t die.

or just 1000 slots

What about adding ability points? This trainer should have that option and maybe a teleport option. Also need a GOG version.

Can confirm with the update and DLC, what works is add 5k money, subtract 1 skill point, undetected, unlimited consumables, unlimited buff duration, fast kill, unlimited mana, unlimited arrows, unlimited health, instant skill cooldown, instant fate refill, add two skill points, and unlimited durability.
Add 500 xp doesn’t work.

Im having issues after using the cheats, uninstalling and reinstalling did not fix it. I cant block or enter reckoning mode. the game is broken. i use controller and play the steam version.

LB works fine in the menu but during gameplay it acts as if it doesn’t exist

When is this going to get updated? It’s not even giving the warning that’s it’s incompatible, and 500xp cheat still doesn’t work.

all the cheats worked for me, but it broke my ability to block or use reckoning mode. iv done fresh installs of the game, uninstalled WeMod, fresh saves, deleted ll traces of WeMod and misc game files, messed with steam controller inputs, reached out to both the discord server for amalur and wemod. im lost on what to do.

The XP cheat is working for me at the moment. I have to boost up to whatever amount I want and then every time I earn XP naturally, I level up if there is enough in the pool to meet the next level requirement.

Sorry if this doesn’t belong here, but is there an ETA on when the Epic stores version of this mod will be out?

You can show your interest in an Epic Games store version of the trainer by clicking on the Notify Me option within the WeMod app. Once enough users have done so, it will be added to the Game Queue.

In the meantime, you can try manually adding the game’s .exe to the Steam trainer. Here are instructions on how to do so!

I don’t get any xp from the cheat.

Are you at max level? Cause then, you won’t gain more XP. I played the game last night and got to max level using the xp cheat, so I can confirm that it still works.

My character is at level 40. Expansion bumped up the cap to 50.

See that makes me wonder if there is some underlying issue with the DLC itself maybe, or even an anti-cheat mechanic. I was able to start a new game and use the trainer to get up to 40. Now I don’t gain any additional XP even though I have Fatesworn DLC.

Same. This also goes for the cheat menu mod from Nexus. It will not give you any XP after level 40.