League of Maidens Trainer?

Is there anyone currently working on a trainer for League of Maidens?
Just curious. I’ve enjoyed many other single-player games quite a bit when using WeMod with them, and I’m hoping someone is working on one for this game as well! :slight_smile:

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Even though this is a free-to-play single-player game, it is still an online (or server-sided) game. Trainers are not for online (aka server-sided) games.

More information: Free To Play Games That Have WeMod Trainers.

explain naruto shinobi striker thats online and there’s a trainer for that people constently ruin online play with that lmao someone just seems to lazy to get someone to make one and naruto shinobi striker has always been server side ur excuse seems invalid

That game also has a single player mode, which is why trainers exist for it.

Trainers are not for online games. They work by injecting cheats into memory addresses in your PC’s RAM while a game runs from it. Since online games run on a server hundreds or even thousands of miles away from you rather than on your PC, there are no memory addresses for a trainer to inject into.

To cheat online you need hacks, not trainers. These are two completely different things. WeMod does not and never will provide online hacks, because not only is it immoral, but game developers will also sue hack creators into bankruptcy to get rid of them.