[Leak] CoD Fall

CoD Fall is made by ihatecompvir of se7ensins.com This is a private version he was selling to people on Live to use. It uses a liscense so your options are to crack it or go offline and sometimes you get unhanlded exception errors then it opens.

Link To Download: CoD Fall Leak.rar

Open Me

tell ihatecompvir to suck my dick and stop selling tools to kids

Kaine your sucha skid. Why would you leak something that’s not yours.
Fame *****, enough said…

Welcome to the world …

Thanks for releasing someone will crack it

Sometimes it runs anyway lol. Fail authorization system

I got it to run once, How do you edit the IP it connects to?

I dont use it so check with someone who does.

No body I know is stupid enough to pay outrageous amounts to use a tool to edit stats -____-

Don’t play xbox anymore, but bump because Kaine is a cool guy.

The one I got it from payed $50 for it and many others have. See my point?

It’s not really leaking if it’s your own though, is it. Nice to see you thought that through before you typed it though.

You don’t. There is no set IP. It searches your network for your console then connects to it.

Correct connects to Default Console from Neighborhood.

You’re a douche kid. Leave.

If you were selling something and someone did this…you’d be pissed. You’re a *****.

Kaine… You were selling BO2 beta… hes selling something he created himself and it took alot of time so why couldnt he sell it? derp.

No comment, don’t need Activision to see something and have their attorney call me again.

Now on the part of him creating it, its not like anything in there isn’t released somewhere.


Thanks allot for this Kaine. You are amazing.

I thought we do not support people trying to rip off other peoples work here?

License keys:

[details=Open Me]7CA6FE6CF9AE

Just put one of those licenses in the CoDFallLicense file.

Ripping it off as in making a copy and trying to claim as mine. I just released it not “ripped it off” as you are saying.

Is English not your first Language? Don’t try defining something and then doing a horrible job as that, makes you look really unintelligent. If they charge and you share your ripping them off.