Left 4 Dead 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Can you use the cheat if u play on a local server with a friend ?


I would love an update with some of these options. Just something to refresh the trainer and give more to play with. Also, something of note is that sometimes when the unlimited health (either team or player) is active, I have a chance to just randomly drop dead. Zero ideas as to the cause but was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this. Happens most often during survival (single player via bot AI mod) and may have something to do with taking fire damage.


Hi – I wonder if I will be banned if I only play the single-player mode. Does the VAC act as long as I enter the game?

To be specific: I only opened the game for 1 minute, and I realized that there is an opportunity that I may be VAC banned so I turn off the game and the trainer immediately. I didn’t even finish watching the opening video. But I was online. :grinning:

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no you wont get vac band in single player i never got vac band playing single player but you have a slim chance getting vac band online with other players .and the mods dont work with other players any ways only single player

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what is super accuracy

weapons only fire towards the center of your crosshair and nowhere else, also eliminates all shotgun spread

Can you please modders make a new version for Left 4 Dead 2. Also can you add cheats for ESP Items & Weapons and ESP Special zombies love you all modders and stay awesome,I I mean stay hackers… ( ˶ˆ⤙ˆ˵ )

We would a new version be made? The current trainer works fine.


How? I’M using L4D2 verison which is the last one for now

When I trigger any cheats on, I get the error sound and cheats turn off…Please check again

Edit: By the way thank you for quick response

All mods are fine. They are for single-player campaign only.

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OK, look at bots names they are bots, so mean I’M playing single player

The Left 4 Dead 2 cheats have been updated!


  • Set Game Speed cheat added
  • Save Location cheat added
  • Teleport cheat added
  • Undo Teleport cheat added
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Can’t get achievements with it anymore, because when you start l4d2 via Wemod it detects it and disables achievements

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you still get achements yes because i get them

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using this gives me huge fps drops every few seconds or so.
without it i run the game fine
anyone else has this issue?

Hello, I’m kind of worried that I was trying out the cheats. I’m using an Omni-Singleplayer Mod for every Game mode in L4D2, it did notify I’m playing in insecure servers. My game crashed after activating one of the cheats in-game. It was a normal versus singleplayer game, will I get VAC Banned for this?

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since you can’t play on secure servers, technically even if you played on multiplayer you wouldn’t get vac banned since there’s no vac protection on these servers.
Since you played in singleplayer there’s no way for you to get vac banned
Even if you play on local with friends with cheats on you wont get vac banned

at least that’s my experience so far

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Thank you for the response! I’ll take note to still be careful the next time I use it ^^.

if i just create an solo match, will i get vac banned? or should i use a command or something, or how should i create the game so i wont get vac banned

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