List of ALL Easter Eggs

The sneaky Horizon developers have put in many Easter Eggs for us to find. I have found a couple. I also have used some that others have found. Here are all of the easter eggs I have found
Gamercard Viewer

[details=Open Me]Searching all of these usernames in the gamercard viewer has the theme change to a every color.
-Unknown v2

I am sure there are a couple more usernames that I couldn’t think of.

Gamercard Viewer 2.0

[details=Open Me]These people seem rather hated

  • Superaison
  • JD_2020

“Modio is Better”

[details=Open Me]Typing into the chat ‘modio is better’ will have a screen pop up saying “lol no” and instead what will be typed into the chat is “I <3 Horizon :smile:” After closing the popped up screen Horizon then closes


About Horizon Easter Egg

[details=Open Me]This is a rather funny one that they put in for us to find. This was already found in last year’s BETA but still…

  1. Go to ‘Tools’
    2, Go to ‘About’
  2. Click the Horizon logo on the right 8 Times.
  3. Click ok. Now click the Horizon Logo 10 more times

Title ID Finder Blinkers

[details=Open Me]Enter this title in the title ID finder and Horizon will begin to blink rapidly for about 10 seconds

  • Modded Warfare[/details]

There are still more. If you know any please post them below :smile:

Credits: The developers of Horizon | Lee for finding ‘Title ID Finder Blinkers’ | iCypher for finding JD_2020 Egg

thats pretty cool. Didnt know they put anything like that in

Thanks for showing! I like the second egg!

sweet finds :wink:


There are more :smile:

both of these are old but kewl

There’s a new one in the title id finder. Tough to figure out though :wink:

Cheater you should reward someone with free diamond if they can find the other one in the id finder. You did say it was hard.

CHEATER PM ME PLEASE with regards to easter eggs :smiley:

The viewer, they need more easter eggs…


Are there more gamercard viewers?

I found another one.

This is actually funny to :wink:

We need some hints?, or a(n) clue

Can we have some hints please :smile:

Lee find the Title ID Finder one:

Wow i didnt know about more than half of those, sweet.

smh at Gamercard Viewer 2.0

I just found the one cheater said

That’s a real game, not a easter egg. O_o

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