Lords of the Fallen Cheats and Trainer for Xbox

Always fails to load for me

yes it’s only the gamepass mod that does not work

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It worked for me, you have to start the game from the WeMod app, so the anticheat doesn’t run.

The achievements don’t work, but if you close the game and load it from GamePass app the achievements work again.

did all that play in wemod and it still gets the error dont know whats wrong

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I REALLY want to be able to skip the need to invade players to get the severed hands. This feature would be super helpful because then I can just give myself a ton of the item awarded by completing the crucibles that give 100 of each shrine currency. Please, please, please, mod developers, I would very much appreciate this addition.


Will probably be a bit before they fix it I been asking about it since a week ago lol. Works for some people apparently but not for most of us

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Since I loaded my game with WeMod I cannot play multiplayer even when I start my game normally

While they’re fixing it, can we get an “Edit (Shriine currencies)” option? I would looooooove to farm bloody hands in PvP but the netcode and buy that cool Adyr armor and the tincts, but the netcode is so godawful in this game that being invaded or invading another person is almost always an impossible to play lagfest.