MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Latest update broke the No Overheat option.

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Any chance we could get a cheat to unlock all cantina upgrades? They seem to have set XP values that should be easy enough to track down. Cheers!

The overheat cheat is working again but the zero weight cheat is still broken

The MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Any chance of getting zero weight fixed on Steam ? Thanks,


Both the “No overheat” and “Zero weight” for the steam release don’t seem to work anymore.


Zero weight works on epic but not on steam for some reason.

Трейнер работает в epic, но с небольшим отставанием. В steam не работает, для запуска игры указывайте файл через кнопку epic ( любую версию ).

В epic не работает, хотя включён, через некоторое время автоматически отключается. Нулевой тоннаж работает в epic.

The Zero Tonnage cheat is not working anymore.

as of right now all cheats for the xbox pc version do not work with current version.

@STiNGERR any news on an update for the steam version?

cheers from germany!


I’m confused why the wemod trainer has 9 options while the fling trainer has 15, I thought they would be by the same person / team ?

Any chance to see this mod ported to GOG version?

if you go to FLings actual website that version works for GoG. i have been using it the last few days. literally just finished playing with it.

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All but zero weight work for steam version. Any chance at a update for it?

If ever i turn on the Unlimited Health, does it affect my AI allies and my AI Lancemates?

It applies to your entire lance. I think it may even repair your mech if you turn it on after taking dmg.

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Trainer is gonna need an update. Unlimited jumpjet fuel has stopped working

The main cheats I use (Health, ammo, cooldown, and heat) all worked after the DLC.