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METAL GEAR SURVIVE Cheats and Trainer for Steam


@STiNGERR DAD! only 4 of the cheats work! plz fix! its been borked for a while now


is metal gear survive a server based game


@STiNGERR please fix it dad! its not working. only unlimited health, ammo and oxygen works!!!


@STiNGERR please fik eet


@STiNGERR now that the version guard is out will you feek eet?


Maybe if you’d talk like an adult he/she might, it could be your messages came off as patronizing which caused him/her to show disinterest in working on the game, when posting on forums you should be polite and thorough with your posts and topic.


@Veronica_Anatolia you dont understand our relationship ma’am! do i even know you? @STiNGERR is mah daddy so i put some respeck on it all day long when i use his trainers and pay the site monthly. i love stinger, i just want him to be his best self so i constantly batter him to feek things when they get borked


The problem is in how you write. Doesn’t matter what your relationship is.
“Feek” “respeck” “borked” really?


He makes me laugh but maybe that’s just me. :smile:


Thank you @STN ! I just refuse to conform to the mundane normalcy that is the “proper” English language. Writing is meant to convey feeling in just the text form. Conveying my true mannerisms and emphasis on syllables and sounds is quite trying on my eyes and my patience. i choose to use what is known as, “pet talk” when referring to and interacting with a person or persons I either adore or respect. Please understand @Veronica_Anatolia and @N1ceToMeetYou that at no point was it ever my intention or interest to include you two in my and Stinger’s relationship or conversation. In other words, THIS IS AN A/B CONVERSATION SO C YOUR WAY OUT!! Thank you and please continue to be a pateon on the We Mod community and Stinger’s trainers. Bye now.


Oh, I didn’t know you actually know them, sorry about my earlier post.


I have holy stones here that says stingerr demands blood sacrifice, promising an eternity of working trainers to the dedicated worshippers who abide by the holy stones.

We must not disappoint him, for his wrath will be devastating.


He doesnt just trying to be a funny guy
I think he calls stingerr daddy because he likes baby talk


Sorry won’t “C my way out” From a conversation in a public forum.
Anyways I get it now that you use “pet talk” and I won’t stop you from it.
Just as a side note. Not everyone knows what that is and many see it as childish or stupid.
Not my opinion but there are people like that.


adbsivjsdvbAUJIHSVCGBIYU your picture always gets me @ptondo luv ya


Just started this amazing game, thanks for the Trainer. :smiley:

I tried everything on the Trainer and there are only a couple things that actually work:
*Unlimited Health
*Unlimited Oxygen
*Unlimited Ammo
*Unlimited Weapon Durability.

Nothing else works on this trainer so an update would be greatly appreciated.


Hey Wemod user, any News about for an update to the Trainer ?


The METAL GEAR SURVIVE cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


Thanks for the update @STiNGERR <3

Just tested on version 1.10 and everything seems to be working perfectly. :smiley:


I seem to be having an issue with the No thirst not functioning, it turns on but thirst still depletes.

I own the game through steam, game version is 1.10

If no one else is having this problem would re-installing infinity for myself fix it?