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Metro Exodus Cheats and Trainer for Steam


So I’ve noticed despite stealth being one of the core game mechanics, none of the three Metro game trainers have a “ghost mode” or anything of the like. Is it really hard to implement?


I dont think i would call any of the metro games " stealth " games i mean there are creatures and guns
Guess thats why there is no ghost mod in any of them
Iv always played it with guns ablazin


That’s like saying Deus Ex and Dishonored and Metal Gear Solid aren’t “stealth” games because they have weapons and enemies. Sneaking around and avoiding conflict is absolutely one of Metro’s biggest things, stealthing through levels is tied to several achievements and in most cases you need to do that to unlock the alternate endings. Even though you do have the option to run n gun, stealth is a big part of the Metro experience.


I agree with the things you said. Don’t mind @ptondo stealth is not his virtue.
I can tell you from personal experience though that ghost made will break several things in the game. At least if it’s like the older games. Achievements is one thing that doesn’t unlock if it’s a stealth based achievement. Enemy AI and Friendly AI going completely bonkers.

Maybe this game is better for ghost mode but well if Stingerr adds it or not. we’ll see.


Has anyone else noticed any game lag with the trainer active and without it the game runs fine?


Is there anyway to reset the stats like I have so much materials and one of my guns has like 10,000 ammo I wanna back to normal


Just change up your gear. I unequipped my extra-ammo armor upgrade and it went back to normal


also I’ve turned off the mods but everytime I lauched normally and go to my bag the materials seem to double


Probably have to use cheat engine to change cuz im mean thats what the trainer does unlimited items. So you have unlimited items starting the game without the trainer and you still have unlimited items


Yes, I noticed this too. Doesn’t matter what graphics settings I choose, the game runs smoothly without the trainer but once I launch the game with the trainer, I get half the fps I normally would get and gameplay is choppy. It’s probably just an optimization problem with the trainer.
Hope this helps!


Disable your antivirus and add wemod to its exception list.




The Shambler not reloading ammo after first use (Caspian map). The Ashot working as should.
Only using unlimited ammo.
Epic version.


I’m having the same issue.


Well this was made for steam version , pretty tricky to use epic. Gotta move some save files around
I had the problem too picking up a gun and it wont shoot like no ammo.
I just threw the gun down and picked up another amd went on my way


Running as admin worked one time, now it doesn’t work. Tried everything still no luck.


Invisibility mod? or ai detection off?


Anyway to add a clean weapon cheat?


What is a clean weapon cheat?


If you go into the menu you have to clean your guns from sand and stuff. When you upgrade them
Forget what the stuff it uses to clean with sorry