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Middle-earth: Shadow of War Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Do you have steam version?


Hey everyone i went into my game sad that i couldnt find any trainers with skill points and etc but i though if i edited my xp level myself what harm could come? so i set it to 9999999999 after scanning the xp levels when i killed ■■■■ and it f***ing worked and i was level 60 so just do simple scans with any version of cheat engine and change any corresponding values to 99999999999 it works like a charm and do the same with the skill points


Is this trainer gonna be updated soon? cause this game’s been out for a while and I dont think a update’s coming any time soon so it’s update for the trainer would be nice and should last a while.


hope update comes soon


I hope so too.


Please update the trainer. Thank you!!!


I have the Steam version. Every cheat is working except for “Unlimited Skill Points” and “Add Experience.”

I am wondering if this will or can be resolved


I have the steam version, it is not working for me


Can you please elaborate as the trainer is updated for the newest version and works for everyone besides you.


It’s not updated it even say’s a trainer is not supported and steam guard icon Is dimmed out so I dont know what you see chris.


yeah she ain’t working for me too


should i delete infinity and install it again?


It is updated. I didn’t update some of those cheats at the time because they’re a pain and they weren’t reported broken and didn’t want to go back when they were after i pushed an update . So yes in that sense the trainer is updated.

But i am glad i didn’t because look the game had another update sigh. I am going to update it again soon.

In the meantime you can use the cheats Chris posted above.


That link dont work @Chris can you post it again say’s “transfer deleted”


Think I could get a new link for that cheat table? just got the game and went here to see why some of the cheats weren’t working and saw this.


I want that table too!


@Gorehounds @pandaluv @jd5

Instructions for use are in my original post.


Unlimited Arrows not working!


Are you using it in the original story/campaign?


Unlimited arrows was working for me at first (story campaign) but when I got to the Siege Beast section suddenly I am unable to fire any arrows. Every once in a while it tells me to gather elf-shot to replenish my arrows, but my counter shows 7/7 arrows in my possession and I cannot gather more. So mine is broken too.

Update: Turning the game off and relaunching it completely fixed the issue for me. But I only use the Unlimited Health/Arrows/Focus in my game, so I can’t speak for the other trainer options.

Update: Unfortunately the error can occur mid-mission, so turning the game off and relaunching isn’t a very good option for most of it. Seems to happen after cutscenes, like when you reconfigure a memory or the like.