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Middle-earth: Shadow of War Cheats and Trainer for Steam


I’m experiencing the same issue. Has there been any update on it? I do find that if I turn off all cheats then after some time it works as expected again but will suddenly stop again.


There should be an update for the new and possible final version (1.21/1.20) because compatibility issues


Where is your copy of the game from? :slight_smile:


From Steam.

Now i saw, that the other Functions are working just sometimes, like:

  • Unlimited Arrows (gets deactivated after a Cutscene - But still active in the Trainer)
  • Unlimited Focus (same as above - / Poison sometimes crashes the Game)
  • Unlimited Health (same as above - / thing with Poison too)
  • EXP Cheat (Rate sometimes Bugs - Applied 10.000 Exp -> get something else)

Hope i helped a bit.


I assume you have the DLC installed? :confused:


Yes, i bought the Game like a week ago.

Couple of Days back there, i bought the Season Pass too.


The Unlimited Coins doesn’t seem to work for anybody, are we getting a fix or is there something special we must do for it to work?


The trainer most likely needs to be updated when STN has time :slight_smile:


@Instinct if you can contact him and see when he is interested, that would be awesome. STN makes amazing tables and I’ve used his old Cheat Engine stuff for a while, had to delete since Easy Cheat prevents game launches.


He may not have an ETA, if he has one he can chime in here as trainer devs regularly check threads, if he doesn’t he just needs time to get to it :slight_smile:


Thankyou :slight_smile:


Possible to make missions (not quests) to fast forward time 3x automatically rather than 1? I feel like that’d up the stakes a bit for me as I must chooose my next mission wisely (Insert ugly laugh here)


This trainer has degraded to the point where it is so unreliable and works so infrequently, it really ought to be removed or marked inoperable.


This Trainer really needs some fixes.


Huh?. Only coins is broken and it will be done in due time. Everything else works, read trainer notes


Trainers don’t degrade. That’s not how any of this works…and just for you, I tested it out today. Redownloaded the game and everything. Took for-frigging-ever…and it worked like a charm, save for Mirian, but STN knows about that already.


Arrows crash my game straight up the first time you shoot one. Focus does this weird thing where it jumps from full to zero, back and forth constantly while aiming, and thus locking you out of focus mode. Might will randomly stop working and start working again later. Invisible doesn’t work on ranged attackers.

Most of these all worked when I started playing the game about 2 weeks ago, and over time stopped working correctly. I get that it is the same file, you haven’t changed anything. I dont think the game updated in that time period either. I can only think that perhaps as the game progresses the cheats become inoperable because something that activates in game as it starts to open up.


Unlimited health is not working as well as unlimited coins


when will the unlimited coins be fixed?


I have the same results… after I progressed to the 2nd area on the map, nothing works, and every option crashes the game.